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   Chapter 287 Facing Tough Decisions

Count On Your Love By Tang Butian Characters: 6618

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"Mr. Nicholas, Mr. Nicholas." Lionel wanted to try again. But Nicholas was not an indecisive man. He would never change the decision he made and no one could change his principle easily. Even Darren couldn't change it, not to mention Lionel, who was only a junior Nicholas appreciated.

Amanda clearly heard the conversation between the two people through the glass. When he came out, she asked straight, "Are these the chips that can make me waver? What did he promise you before?"

Nicholas gave a contract to Amanda.

After reading the contract, Amanda widened her eyes. The contract said that the real estate was sold to Nicholas by Lionel. However, the price of the villa was estimated to be two hundred million. It was so crazy.

"The price of the house is four times higher than the real price. And the villa quality hasn't reached the request of the contract. We can accuse Mr. Lionel of fraud, and have the right to use the properties of the Gu family to mortgage. Moreover, Mr. Lionel went abroad to ask us to send some people to protect Mr. Bruce. If he breaks the contract, we can use this contract to send him to prison. To make him suffer a crushing defeat, and at the same time, we will withdraw the people guarding Mr. Bruce. Whether Mr. Bruce lives or dies, it all depends on his fortune, and depends on Mr. Lionel," Gregorio explained lightly.

"Now that this contract is a crooked one, why did he still make this contract? He would never do such a thing. You wouldn't have made up for it because of such a big loophole in front of you," Amanda murmured.

"Of course we made it fair and square. In fact, it's us who take the initiative to sign a contract like this, so that we can pay off the money for Mr. Lionel in advance. Once he breaks the contract, we can use our contact to sue him and let him be defeated. Apparently, he doesn't obey our arrangement and arbitrarily makes himself show up in the media without our authorization. Expose him and th

her, but it would take her and the baby in her womb as a price. Unable to make a decision, she said, "Mr. Nicholas asked me to stay here and give birth to a baby. Does he mean that the baby will not be related to me after it is born?"

"Of course, the child may be the heir to the An family in the future, or a common member of the family. Anyway, it's the bloodline of the An family and it has nothing to do with you. But the family will give you a huge reward," Gregorio said.

"Is it higher than my pay for the divorce?" Amanda sneered.

"Of course. It's enough for you to squander the rest of your life," Gregorio replied.

"But if you take the baby away, what can I do for the rest of my life? I know my child is here, but I can't let it know who I am. I am the mother of the child, and I am not a tool for child birth. Family love is more precious than material things," Amanda sighed sadly. Her slim figure looked long and gloomy in the sunlight.

Looking at her, Gregorio said, "Then leave them alone, and leave here."

"I can't let Lionel go to jail for me," Amanda growled, her eyes instantly filled with tears. She had a struggle in her heart. On one hand, she regarded the baby as her life, and on the other hand, Lionel was trapped in a hopeless situation. She couldn't give up both of them.

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