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   Chapter 286 A Token To Win Her Heart

Count On Your Love By Tang Butian Characters: 5926

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"A lot of people say I'm stupid. There's nothing to praise if you agree with them." Amanda proposed.

"It's very bold of you to say that. Aren't you afraid of me? People always say I'm a bully." Gregorio said, "You know, even Mr. Darren is afraid of me."

"Of course I'm not afraid of you. You should at least be a sensible person. You never see that Darren just like a devil when he gets mad." Said Amanda with a smile, stirring the soup in her bowl.

She and Darren had been very crazy back then. Their relationship had dropped to the freezing point and they had not been in a good relationship for a long time. Now when she thought back, it was like something in the last century, mainly because the fight hadn't lasted for a long time. Later their relationship became warm and sweet. She gave her heart to Darren without giving it a second thought.

She was touched by the warm smile on her face. All the memory in the past left her much sweetness.

Gregorio ate glutinous rice ball in silence.

Amanda said, "Can I leave now?"

"I'm afraid I can't. I'm under orders," replied Gregorio.

Her heart sank, with a smile on her face. A hint of despair could be seen in the smile. She did not expect to escape, but the bad news came so soon. After getting in the car, she enjoyed the scenery along the way. The air conditioner in the car was working very well, but she could not help shivering.

The second time she met Nicholas, she felt him like a stranger. She didn't know what she should look at him. He was a smart business man, but a business tycoon who was always frightening.

"Thanks for your hard work." Nicholas said with a smile. He nodded his walking stick to tell her sit down.

Then she leaned against the sofa and asked, "what can I do for

as my wife. If my behavior affects the operations of the American company, I will take the initiative to resign."

"Resignation, Lionel. Have you forgotten what you promised me before you went abroad? Why would I choose you to be responsible for me? Have you forgotten all about it? " Nicholas took out a document and threw it on the table. "Have you forgotten this?"

When he saw the paper, his face paled. He immediately explained, "Grandpa Nicholas, I didn't forget the paper. I'll pay it back in all my efforts."

"How will you pay?" Now you have no hope to be invested at all. You are abandoned. " Nicholas said lightly, "You don't have to do this for a woman."

Lionel forced a bitter smile, looked at Nicholas and said, "I've been calm and rational for a long time. I don't regret the decision I made."

"Are you sure? They don't regret it when they don't see the end result." Nicholas said lightly, "Our previous engagement has been cancelled. You can leave now."

"Grandpa Nicholas, it's my fault. I'll try my best to make up for it. Please don't withdraw the people around my grandfather." He pleaded.

Nicholas looked indifferent and emotionless. "Go out."

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