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   Chapter 284 Escape Plan

Count On Your Love By Tang Butian Characters: 6070

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"Are you crazy? Do you have to destroy him like this just because you love him? Who are you now? You still want to be with him. You are abandoned by the An family. What will they think of you if he continues to be with you like this? Are you going to ruin all his opportunities?" Josie said.

"I don't care as long as he is willing to stay with me. As long as he thinks it's worth it, then it's worthwhile. Josie, could you care for your words? We just signed the divorce agreement and didn't go to the court. We broke up peacefully. What is called being abandoned? Don't be so fogyish," Amanda said. Ignoring the mockery from Josie, Amanda hung up the phone. She heaved a sigh of relief, looked at Lionel and said, "You know what? I haven't cursed anyone for a long time."

Looking at her, Lionel said with a smile, "I haven't heard you cursing someone for a long time."

"I'm really rude. Don't learn from me, my baby," Amanda said nervously, rubbing her belly.

"No. The kid will be brave enough as you to fight with bad people," Lionel replied.

Amanda couldn't help but burst into laughter. "I might be the most courageous mistress in history," Amanda added.

"What you said..."

"It makes me feel most comfortable to insult her in this field. Because she is better than me in other fields," Amanda smiled at Lionel, trying to interrupt his words.

However, Lionel didn't plan to dodge his own question. He looked straight into her eyes and asked, "Amanda, did you say those words only to make Josie angry?"

The smile on Amanda's face disappeared. She looked into his affectionate eyes and felt sorry for him. But when she thought about the situation she was in, she said to him, "Lionel, you were too impulsive today. Do you know what the consequences would be?"

"I don't care, I don't ca

Maggie took off her mask and said with a smile, "Thanks to your wisdom and idea, the longer it takes, the more dangerous it will be."

"I have no choice. And Henry has to disguise as a patient to help me," Amanda smiled.

"I don't feel wronged to be a patient. What made me feel wronged is that this thing will offend many people. It's not just that I will offend others. And I can't explain this at home," said Henry, putting his hand on Maggie's shoulder.

"I'm sorry. It's all my fault," Amanda added.

Maggie tightly pinched Henry's arm, "What nonsense are you talking about? We know exactly what kind of situation Amanda is in now. We will do our best to help her as long as we can find a way out. So, don't beat around the bush here."

"No, Maggie, Henry is right. You took a big risk to help me. I have no reason to ask you to take the responsibility alone. I will remember your help this time, and I will find an opportunity to return it," Amanda said.

"You two." Maggie looked at Amanda and smiled helplessly. "I won't bother you two anymore. Because I have to pay attention to everything if I ask you two for help. It's so tiring."

"Amanda and I are smart people," Henry said.

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