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   Chapter 281 Discord In Marriage

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Updated: 2020-03-11 00:02

"I don't want to say such embarrassing words." Maggie turned her head proudly and let go of Amanda's hand. "Idiot, if you don't come back here safely, I won't forgive you." Then she turned around and walked away briskly, leaving no chance for Amanda to say goodbye.

"Really? You are scarier than me to say goodbye," Amanda murmured. She turned around and went back to the hotel, but was immediately stopped at the entrance.

Dozens of journalists came out of nowhere and gathered around Amanda to interview her. Looking at the cameras and microphones, Amanda was speechless. Many people asked why Darren had deliberately put those photos on her face. Some even asked her whether she had heard of the news that Lionel had come back to China for the sake of her, and whether it was right for her to do so.

Of course because some people had shot the night scene when Darren and Rose were together, some people asked her curiously whether she cheated on Darren because he had affair with Rose, and the news that Rose was pregnant recently came out. Some guessed that Darren had an affair after he found out that Amanda had betrayed their marriage.

Many people wanted to know the truth of Amanda's divorce, and they were eager to get an exclusive news. After several days of keeping a low profile, Amanda didn't expect the media to be so enthusiastic. Surrounded by so many reporters, she was at a loss even if she was caught red handed.

The exposure of the event made the whole thing difficult for Amanda to deal with. Now, all her actions were under the attention of the media. It was difficult even for her to leave quietly, let alone for prevention of miscarriage. Why couldn't everything be as simple as it seemed?

"No comment. We have divorced. I have nothing to say to you." Amanda tried to continue to walk forward but the reporters didn't give way and surrounded her.

"Get out of my way. I'm very tired. I need to go inside and have a rest," Amanda shouted in displeasure.

But the

n that the people surrounding you are narrow-minded? As far as we know, you cheated on your husband. It's a treacherous behavior. Is it possible for a broad-minded person to calmly betray the marriage? If so, I don't think a broad-minded person like you is good." A male reporter said.

Looking at the man reporter, Amanda asked, "What are you talking about? I cheated on my husband? How do you know I cheated on my husband?"

"I unfortunately went to the opening ceremony last time. I saw the scene that Mr. Darren was on the stage with you. Do you have any other explanation? I wasn't the only one who went there that day. A lot of people were there too." The male reporter sneered disdainfully, approaching Amanda with a microphone.

"Which company are you from?" Amanda asked coldly.

The man reporter adjusted his collar and said, "I'm Allen Hu, one of the reporters from the Golden Sun Daily. Thank you for your concern. Please answer my question."

"I haven't heard your name. But I guess a journalist like you doesn't know the content of our divorce agreement. It's about the reason why we divorced was that we didn't get along well with each other, not that one party had an affair in marriage," Amanda said calmly.

"We both understand that. Because you will keep each other decent," Allen Hu said with a smile.

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