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   Chapter 280 Your Breasts Are Getting Bigger

Count On Your Love By Tang Butian Characters: 6922

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"Lionel, thank you. I'm so happy to hear your words." After a short pause, Amanda continued with a smile, "You know what? I never regretted that I ran into you. Because I was alone all the time. When I was abroad, I was taken care of by myself. I've never met a person who has done so much for me."

"Amanda, I did it willingly. I'm willing to do that for you," Lionel declared.

Amanda shook her head with a smile. "You know what? I hated all the people before, including my parents, who were irresponsible for me and my brother. I was abandoned and left behind because of an accident. I hated uncle and aunt for bringing me abroad selflessly, and everyone bullied me. I hated them until I went to church with my classmates, heard the priest say that I should be grateful for everything they did for me, and I no longer intended to take care of myself.

Other people's help should be appreciated." "Are you being grateful to me?" Are you just grateful to me? Now all you have to do is to thank me?" Lionel murmured.

"What are you doing? Why haven't you come out for such a long time?" Maggie came over and saw them standing at the door of the corridor. She asked curiously, "Will you come over? The dishes are getting cold."

"Well, is Josie still not feeling well?" When Maggie saw that there were only the two of them, she couldn't help but feel curious. "I thought that she came to see you. You two can a fight."

"Who do you think will win?" Amanda said with a smile.

"She is an excellent fighter. You're weak now." Maggie hurried to Amanda and held her. Amanda turned to Lionel and said, "No matter what decision you want to make, I won't interfere with you. But remember to never change your principles. Don't let her waste her time to keep you company."

"I'm leaving now," Lionel said and nodded.

"What happened?" Maggie asked in confusion.

"You have the nerve to ask, why did you ask us to sit with them? Didn't you see the expression on Josie's face?" Amanda said and pinched Maggie's face.

Maggie said, "I just want to sit there. You kn

e heard this name. She looked at Maggie and smiled, "I can't afford it now."

The X Restaurant only received members of the club. Since she had divorced with Darren, she couldn't be in charge of the club anymore. She was used to that.

Maggie found that she had inadvertently held up the heart of Amanda. She quickly complained, "It's lucky that you can't go there. I had a meal there last time, and when I came back, I weighed three pounds. It's really horrible. That place is simply hell. For the sake of my slim waist, if I go there again, I'm a pig."

Hearing her exaggerated words, Amanda couldn't help smiling. In fact, she was only sad for a little while, and Maggie coaxed her immediately.

As Amanda bid farewell to Maggie, she held her hand and said, "My only concern is my brother."

"Don't worry. I'll take care of him," Maggie promised. Maggie patted her chest. After all, the hospital where Sheryl lived had Zhao family's support. Maggie was married to Henry, so she was quite capable in this respect.

"Maggie, thank you so much." All of a sudden, Amanda reached out and hugged Maggie. "I'll miss you," she added.

Caught off guard, Maggie couldn't help but mumble, "Your breasts are getting bigger."

"Hey, are you sure you will say this when we are so moved?" At first, Amanda was touched by their conversation, but then she burst into laughter.

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