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   Chapter 277 I'm Leaving

Count On Your Love By Tang Butian Characters: 6719

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Lionel went down the stairs. Amanda's room was on the 19th floor, but he didn't take the elevator.

At this time, his mind was in a mess, and the road ahead seemed to be shrouded in a mist, and he could not see anything.

Maybe it was not because he couldn't see that clearly, but because he didn't want to see it clearly.

HIs grandfather's mind was still in a mess now. His family was controlled by his uncle and aunt. In addition, the owner of the Gu family's important asset was his grandfather, but they had already announced to take over them in the name of his grandfather's illness. After all, his rank was lower than them. Since his grandfather hadn't made arrangement for the assets before, Lionel couldn't get any support from the family.

The only thing he could do now was to follow the arrangement of Nicholas. Nicholas could choose him to do that seemingly hard-working research and development work in the United States, because he was sure of his ability. Besides, Lionel also discovered the importance of that research and development. Although he had a hard time when he lived abroad, he gained a lot, because once the research result was verified, there would be a new market.

The Gu family wasn't the place he could rely on anymore, but the battlefield he had to work hard. All he had was Nicholas' support.

If he insisted on marrying Amanda at this time, he could never win Nicholas' support even if he ignored Darren's revenge. He might also leave a bad impression on Nicholas that he wanted to choose a woman by giving up the opportunities which was not easy to get.

As for his grandfather, who was lying in the bed, he would never give up on him. Lionel could give up everything, but he couldn't give up his grandfather.

So, he could do nothing to help Amanda when she was suffering.

To be honest, Lionel felt terrible in his heart. He walked down step by step, looking like a wandering ghost. Was he going to give up on Amanda? If he couldn't even protect his woman,

d life in the United States alone, so she could surely lead a good life here. Moreover, she had experienced a lot here, and the outside world was relaxing to her. It was not difficult for her to take good care of herself, so she didn't need to worry about anything else.

Maggie knew that she couldn't keep Amanda. Her eyes became red. Looking at her slightly fat body, she thought of the scene that she met her in a middle school by taking the wrong bus. She remembered everything that she had experienced with her. She sneered at Rose and Susie with her, and defended her when she was sick. Then she hurried there and sent her to the hospital. Although her relatives always schemed against her, Amanda felt lucky to have such a kind-hearted friend who would do anything for her.

"Can't we keep in touch?" Maggie said.

'I don't want anyone to find out about me," Amanda said and nodded.

There were people living in the city. They came from the An family, the Cheng family, the Gu family, and the Zhao family. She had a really sensitive identity, and it would draw a dispute wherever she went. When she ran away from the city, those people couldn't pay attention to her any more, and they would gradually forget her.

"Now that you're leaving, why don't you have dinner with me?" Maggie added, "It's your treat, my rich lady."

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