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   Chapter 276 A Dead End

Count On Your Love By Tang Butian Characters: 6740

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"So tired, physically or mentally? I thought you would stay there to talk for a long time, but I didn't expect you to come out so soon. The conversation was unhappy, right? Anyway, Rose is pregnant now. No matter how much he dislikes her, he has to show respect to her," Gregorio said flatly.

"We have divorced," Amanda said coldly.

Gregorio glanced at her, "You are divorced procedurally. But how about your heart?"

Amanda didn't like his way of asking such a straightforward question. She answered angrily, "it's none of your business."

After saying that, she raised her hand, hailed a taxi and left straight away.

Walking to the hotel she lived in, she found that there were not many people in the hotel during the day. There weren't so many colorful neon lights in the hotel. It seemed a little lonely in the daytime. Amanda guessed that she would stay in the hotel for a few days.

"Amanda." With a gaunt face, Lionel walked out from the side.

"What are you doing here?" Amanda asked in surprise as she saw Lionel.

"I'm waiting for you," he answered, yawning.

"How long have you been waiting?" Amanda asked.

"More than two hours. I thought it would be one day. I didn't expect you to come back so soon. I'm so lucky," Lionel replied.

"Then why didn't you call me?" Amanda asked.

"Will you see me if I call you?" Lionel replied with a bitter smile.

She was stunned for a while, and then quickly moved her face away and said, "We don't have to be involved in this." All of a sudden, she felt a wave of nausea and covered her chest, trying not to vomit. But she had morning sickness unexpectedly this time, which made her face paler and more painful.

"Amanda, what's wrong with you? I'll take you to the hospital," Lionel held her immediately and said worriedly.

"Leave me alone. I don't want to go to the hospital. I feel sick," Amanda added and pushed him away. At the same time, Lionel grabbed her by the arm. Amanda pleaded, "I'm not going to the hospital. If you re

o such things without Nicholas' approval? Last time, she gave you a slap. Nicholas almost made the Lin Group go bankrupt. So why did she take the risk of provoking him to deal with you? If she was that stupid, how could she bring you so much trouble with those cunning calculations?" Lionel said coldly.

"It's Nicholas." Suddenly, Amanda felt cold all over her body.

"I know, even now, I can't do anything for you. But since you have divorced and you have left that family, it will be more convenient for us to be together. At any time, Amanda, I only want you," Lionel sighed.

As he listened to his heartfelt words sincerely, tears slowly fell down from Amanda's eyes.

"I know it's hard for you to face me and our love. But I'm willing to wait. No matter what our relationship is, I just hope that you'll come to me when you need help," Lionel replied.

"Got it. It's getting late. You'd better go home now," Amanda added.

"Are you all right?" Lionel asked.

"I'm fine. I just took a few sips of cold wind and felt uncomfortable. Now I feel much better. I'm tired. I want to have a rest."

Lionel had no choice but to leave.

Amanda closed the door and locked herself in the room. She heaved a sigh and said, "Lionel, we can't go back anymore."

The time that they loved each other no matter what happened had gone.

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