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   Chapter 270 Don't Do This

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Updated: 2020-03-08 06:44

"Why don't you wear one more coat?" Lionel couldn't help asking when he walked in.

"Not too cold." When she spoke, her voice was as usual, but once she was so lively and quiet, like a stream running down along the splendid mountains. Now she was quiet and calm, like a pool of deep water.

Lionel's heart ached. What had she experienced that made her change so much in this period of time?

In fact, the reason why she became like this was not because she was hit, but because she had seen through it. She might be like a poor beggar. She had nothing at the beginning, so she was free without scruple. One day she suddenly got a precious crystal cup, and she treated it as a treasure. She was happy every day. Sometimes she was worried that she would lose it, but at last she accidentally broke the crystal cup and after the shock of pain, she felt happy and satisfied for what she had once had. Although she had returned to the past life of nothing, she had a beautiful memory which made her feel very calm and satisfied at this time.

If she couldn't see through it, she would sigh every day, regret for her own carelessness. She would wish she could go back to the old days, when she had never got the crystal cup. Many people would feel pity for losing something important. Without that, they would regret for what they should have got. As for gamblers, they would regret for missing something that they were supposed to get. After everything going away, he or she would cry bitterly and regretted at once.

The reason why Amanda was able to see through this was that she had already lost too much. A warrior who was used to being hurt was fine with new scars.

"Would you like something to drink?" Amanda asked. She needed nutrition every day. So she had regular meals. That was the basi

eason, what Lionel said saddened Amanda. She could have acted indifferently, but she had been used to being abandoned by the whole world. When she had been sent to a distant country when she was a child, she had known what she had was only herself.

"At least you have come back. Have you visited your family? How's your grandfather? I've accompanied him once. Although his eyes were closed, he looked very healthy. They should take good care of your grandfather," Amanda tried to change the subject.

"I didn't go back. I was having dinner near the airport and heard people talking about the case of you. When I knew that you had an accident, I immediately rushed over." His eyes were fixed on hers as he spoke.

Amanda said, "Lionel, you shouldn't have come here. What I'm doing now has nothing to do with you. It's time for you to go back to visit your grandfather. You're his grandson. Now he's not doing well and you're in trouble too. Don't make trouble for yourself."

Lionel grabbed her hand and drew closer to her. "I know. I know what I should do. But I just can't do anything. When I heard that you were in trouble, my mind is in a mess. I can't do anything," he said miserably.

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