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   Chapter 265 I'll Take The Bet

Count On Your Love By Tang Butian Characters: 6836

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"That's what the Cheng family owns her. The Cheng family should have given her. The Cheng group was founded by her father at the very beginning. But her father had an accident at that time, so Cheng Group was handed over to Simon. This company should have given to Amanda, and it's no wonder that Simon promised to pay the medical fee for her," Darren said.

"Many things in this world can't be done simply by virtue. What I have done this time is obviously against the morality, but what can you do to me? As long as I insist on pushing it forward, she will be the person in charge of the project. In the future, the Cheng Group will make a breach of contract, and all the responsibilities will fall on her alone. All the procedures are completely legal. What's the use of morality?" Nicholas said lightly.

Hearing that, Darren's eyes turned dark. He said, "Grandfather, you don't care about morality at all. So what does the An Group mean in your heart? You have put a lot of efforts into it, but is it just a cold and unethical company for you? As for all your subordinates, in your opinion, they are only of the value of interests. The reason why you took actions boldly to protect Rose was because the baby in her belly is of great value to you. Don't you care that she will destroy my marriage with her existence, do you? Is my marriage just a joke in your eyes from the beginning to the end?"

Darren seldom talked with Nicholas so violently. Such an attitude dazed Nicholas, as if he could see that his son never disobeyed his will before, but now he was completely against him for a woman.

Nicholas slightly narrowed his eyes and said with a smile, "Isn't this marriage a game in your eyes from the beginning? We agreed at the beginning that I would be responsible for your first marriage, so I transferred your shares of the An Group advertising company to your name. You signed the contract to confirm your shares. Now do you want to break it?"

Darren looked at Nicholas and said in disappointment, "Grandfather, do you have t

ss. He said in a low voice, "Grandfather, at least Auntie Nola took care of us. I want to see her."

"I won't stop you if you want to go there. Why do you tell me? Do you want to take the wrong person with you?" Nicholas sneered.

"I won't forget our gambling contract. After all, Auntie Nola has a good relationship with her. I won't break the contract," Darren said.

"If you want to go, then go. Since we're betting, I won't do anything stupid. You'd better keep your distance." Nicholas didn't make things difficult for him.

After dinner, it began to snow outside. Giselle persuaded Darren to stay here since it was a slippery road. But Darren insisted on going back home. In his heart, the place where he and Amanda lived together could be regarded as a real home in his heart.

After that, he opened the door and drove into the garage. When he reached the front door, he saw a black figure curling up there. He frowned and shouted, "Who is there?"

"Why did you come back so late? I'm freezing to death," Amanda complained from the shadow.

Darren was stunned. The wind and snow were very heavy outside, and the large snowflakes were like goose feathers.

Darren had bought her ice cream when it snowed for the first time, and she had kept the heat on in his car while waiting for him. Now it was winter, and the snow began to fall again.

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