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   Chapter 264 Make A Bet

Count On Your Love By Tang Butian Characters: 6768

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"Darren, that house is so beautiful," Rose said, taking the hand of Darren. "The sunlight is also very good."

"Give me the clothes. You can leave now." Darren knew what Amanda meant, but that room was a little bit funny because it was the room where he and Amanda lived together. There was a big and luxurious bedroom in the house, but he had to sleep with her in the guest room. But he had no other choice. Because Amanda was unwilling to climb on his bed, he had to walk to that room himself.

They would never go back to that room again, but it would carry their lost memories forever.

However, he thought the man, his grandfather, made all these things. In an instant, Darren's eyes turned cold and he stood up and left. Looking at Darren's back, which made people feel uneasy, Rose went downstairs in a hurry. However, by accident, she fell on the floor with one foot and sat on the floor.

Alarmed by her sudden move, Rose immediately covered her belly with her hands, and found that there was nothing serious with it. Relieved, she stroked her belly and muttered, "Baby, you're the only hope of mine. Please be fine, baby. We have to merge into one to make your daddy come back to his senses. Don't let that tramp take your daddy's heart."

After nagging for a while, she finally stood up and sat on the sofa, waiting for Darren.

Looking at the decoration in the room, Rose couldn't help but be happy. She was happier than any big prize she won, because the awards were only temporary honor. And this could be her forever happiness. She wanted to become the woman of Darren, and his wife.

In order to achieve this goal, she would surely spare no price. A cold light flashed across her eyes.

Darren drove all the way to his grandfather's house.

Nicholas was playing with the bird in the garden when Darren came in. The bird was so scared that it gave off several feathers.

"Look at you. You are as impatient as a child," Nicholas said.

"I want Amanda. Grandfather, what can I do to make you l

want to see if she can be the daughter-in-law of our family and if you can be a qualified successor of the An Group. The dice in the game is for you two."

"What should I do?" Darren asked.

"I'll give you three years. When you go back home later, I'll ask you to divorce Amanda. In these three years, can she promise you that she won't marry anyone else but just wait for you?" Nicholas said, "You can't tell her the reason why you divorced her and our bet. Otherwise, the bet will be canceled at once."

"Do you want her to fully believe that I dislike her?" Darren asked.

Nicholas said firmly, "Yes, if she can't only love you, then what she loves is your power. How can such a woman deserve to be the hostess of our family?"

"But grandfather, if she really cares about my position and power, she wouldn't have been so stiff with me before. Darren doesn't love money. She doesn't love the expensive things in the world. These are not the most important things to her," Darren added.

"That's just because she doesn't have enough chips. We're both doing business. If she has no money, how can she support her brother's medical expenses?" Nicholas said calmly, "Although the Cheng family is using her, the medical expenses to look after Amanda's brother these years are paid by the Cheng family. Those money didn't come from the sky."

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