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   Chapter 263 No More Coming Back

Count On Your Love By Tang Butian Characters: 6427

Updated: 2020-03-07 00:22

"I have some files in the study. They are not the files of the An Group, but the ones of the Cheng Group. I just want to take them away now," Amanda said, trying to be patient.

"Do you think I don't know anything? You just have an empty name in the Cheng Group. You are really putting on an act. The things in this room are all from Darren. If you want to take them, it's okay. Just wait until I call him and he agrees. Then you should go with your stuff quickly. It will be contaminated in one more second," Rose said.

Amanda's face turned dark in an instant. Although she thought that Rose was pregnant and she should make a concession for her, she couldn't bear her sharp attitude.

"I told you, those are all my files. I want to take them away right now because I don't want to come here again," Amanda added.

"This is the study room, and it's an important office area. Not everyone is allowed to come in without permission," Rose said.

"So you insist on stopping me? Who the hell do you think you are? This is the house where Darren and I live. I am the owner here as long as we are not divorced. I have the final say on everything here. You are acting like the hostess here. But who do you think you are? No matter what will happen in the future, you are just a home wrecker," Amanda said.

"But I'm carrying Darren's baby," Rose said. After what Amanda said, Rose couldn't hold on any longer and tried to fight back. "You cheated on your husband. Darren didn't want you. If I were you and have been so humiliated in front of everyone, I would kill myself. How dare you come here and make a scene?"

"Oh, really? Why didn't I see that you are this tolerant? After all, you are a strong fighter. You can jump off a building heroically with a child. I'm sorry I can't compare with you. Get out of my way. I want to go inside," Amanda said impatiently.

"No, you can't go in." Rose tried to block A

ne of your business." Without looking back, she opened the door and closed it. Then she carried her suitcase and walked out quickly. When she ran out, she even smiled at the camera, hoping to get rid of here and live a free life. Now she finally got her wish. It was just that her lips were slightly upward which was a little shadow.

"Honey, let's move on and have some fun wherever mommy goes. Although we don't have a luxurious car or gold jewelry, we will still lead a happy life. Nothing can make us happier than living our own lives," she muttered, rubbing her belly with great care.

As the baby couldn't give her any reply, but Amanda just needed to figure it out. She took a deep breath and held on.

"Honey, thank God you're back. Otherwise, I don't know that crazy woman would do what to me." Rose was about to sit close to him, but he said indifferently, "It's all right. She won't come back again."

Amanda left. She was so determined, so relaxed, and so natural, like a wind. There was no trace left after she passed by.

Although all the things were for her good, seeing her leave like this, Darren was still not reconciled to it. He was not reconciled to have everything in his grandfather's hand, and because of his grandfather, he had to let Amanda go.

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