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   Chapter 262 Behave Yourself

Count On Your Love By Tang Butian Characters: 6141

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There was a hint of cruelty in his words. For the woman he loved, he didn't care even if all the people were sacrificed.

Sophie immediately went to make arrangement after a cold war.

Susie panicked after the thing happened. She was afraid that Darren would vent his anger on the whole Cheng family.

Amanda is going to accept the case, but Susie doesn't know. She just looked at father and brother very worried, think is afraid of Amanda into trouble, so she was so worried.

It was not until she got the phone call from Sophie that Susie knew about the fact that Darren had been sad and found out that Amanda had cheated on him, which made him very sad.

"Miss Susie, please forgive me for calling you without my permission. I don't know who else in the world can make Mr. Darren happier."

"It's okay. I'm also worried about it. I didn't expect it to turn out like this." Susie answered in a hurry.

When she heard these words, Sophie breathed a sigh of relief and said with gratitude, "it's so great that you can understand us. Now the An Group is in a mess. Mr. Darren doesn't want to do anything now. He is in the CX Garden now. If you are free, you can go there to accompany him."

Susie didn't go off unprepared. She said worriedly, "Will my past be any trouble? After all, Amanda is my sister. If Mr. Darren sees me and thinks of the bad things. Then I'm making a mess of it, aren't I?"

"No, he won't. He always appreciated you. He said that you were different from other girls. You have your own character and you have a strong character. He appreciated such a girl like you, but it's not convenient to talk more with you because of Amanda." Sophie smiled, "I've worked for Mr. Darren for a long time. I've never seen a girl who could be praised like that."

Susie blushed. She had a thing for Darren before an

ll give the key to him. As for me, I will never appear before you." she added.

"Hum, take care of yourself. You'd better keep your words, or I won't let you go." Said Rose in an aggressive manner.

What can you do? Do you have the ability to say such big words. Now, Rose appeared to be more and more agitated, looking rather impatient and worried. Perhaps, it was possible that pregnant women always became moody and capricious, afraid of losing something.

Now that Rose was pregnant, Amanda made up her mind to leave her alone. She didn't want to mess with her any longer. What if something should happen to her?

After tidying up her clothes, Amanda turned around and went to the study. This time, Rose ran very fast. She stopped him and asked vigilantly, "what are you doing in the study? This is the working place of Darren. No one is allowed to enter his study."

"That's just for you. We have done a lot of things in the study," she added.

Hearing that, the expression on the woman's face changed. Looking at Amanda resentfully, she bit her teeth and said, "as you said, that was before. Now that you don't belong to the An family any more, you'd better behave yourself. Don't cause any more trouble."

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