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   Chapter 255 Family And Interests

Count On Your Love By Tang Butian Characters: 6504

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The moment the call was connected, Amanda suddenly sat up from the bed and grabbed the phone and turned it off.

"Miss. Cheng, what's wrong with you?" Suddenly, Bonnie was held by a cold hand. She was so terrified that she exclaimed in a hurry.

Then Amanda fixed her eyes on Bonnie and added, "Don't tell anyone that I'm pregnant."

"How could pregnancy be a bad thing? Why didn't you tell anyone?" Bonnie was confused.

"I got pregnant for myself, not for anyone else. There's no need to tell anyone. Only you and I know this. If you dare to tell anyone else, I'll abort the baby immediately," Amanda said.

"No, no, no. I won't tell anyone about it." After all, Bonnie was still a very young girl who had just entered the company. She would be easily intimidated by Amanda. She immediately waved her hand, afraid that Amanda would really have an abortion if she refused to do so.

Now, Amanda didn't know whether she should keep the baby or not. What Darren did today made her not know whether she was in heaven or in hell. She felt like falling into hell and couldn't see where she came from.

It was obvious that her marriage was for the program. Why did Darren schemed to destroy the program? And with what Simon had said earlier, her heart jolted. Was there anything wrong with the program?

As she was thinking, there was a knock at the door. So, Bonnie hurried to the door and opened it in surprise, "Director, general manager, you are here."

"Well, we're here to see Amanda. You can leave now," Simon said in a distant tone.

Of course, Bonnie did not dare to disobey his order and hurried out.

Lying on the bed, Amanda looked at Simon who walked in with a scowling face. He must be in a very bad mood because his good case was ruined by Darren.

"Amanda, what's going on? Why did Mr. Darren suddenly become so angry? If you did something wrong, go and apologize to him. Do you know how much our company has inves

fter Simon and Charles left, she looked cold all of a sudden. The two people always boasted themselves to be her family, but it didn't mean that they valued profit more than anyone else. As soon as they found her couldn't be the person in charge, they immediately changed their faces and sharply put pressure on her.

Now there were more and more puzzles in the case, and all kinds of unexpected variables pointed to the truth. Holding the pillow in her arms, Amanda took a breath of relief. As soon as Bonnie came in, she asked, "Did you tell Sophie what had happened?"

"Not yet. I don't know what to say," Bonnie replied hurriedly.

Amanda nodded and said, "Then tell her I'm fine."

Bonnie immediately sent a message to Sophie.

When Sophie read the message, she gave the message to Darren at once. Upon seeing the short message, Darren couldn't help but think about what Amanda was doing. 'She is safe, but I treated her so violently just now, how will she think of me?' he thought.

"Do you need me to check on her myself?" Sophie asked.

"You won't be able to play the game if you go there." A cold voice came from the door, and then the door was opened and Gregorio walked in. Darren said indifferently, "Gregorio, why are you here? Do you have some good information again?"

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