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   Chapter 254 She Is Pregnant

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The Secretary replied without hesitation, "My name is Bonnie Zhong. I have just worked here for two years."

"No wonder you look so young. Miss Cheng is about your age. I think you can speak to her wholeheartedly. Please do me this favor," Sophie said.

Bonnie nodded with a smile, "Don't worry, Miss. Lin. I will."

"By the way, what did the doctor say?" Sophie asked with concern.

"The result of the examination hasn't come out yet. I'll get it later," Bonnie said.

"Then call me later and tell me the result. I'm concerned about it very much. I can't stay here for too long, please," Sophie said. Then she handed a bank card to Bonnie. "If Miss. Cheng wants to eat anything, just use this card to buy. The password is 291571. There is enough money in the card and you can still be overdraft," she added.

"No, no. It's too precious. I can't take it. Besides, Miss. Lin, how can you rest assured that I can have such an important bank card?" Bonnie's cheeks flushed crimson with embarrassment, as if her buttocks had been hit by the fire.

"Take it. You should take it. It's not for you. It's for Miss. Cheng." After Sophie finished her words, she looked at the pale Amanda and she was still in a coma, and sighed in her heart. She turned around and quickly left the hospital. She followed the crowd so that they wouldn't be found by the reporters. She was very careful on the way.

After she got back to the An Group, Sophie immediately went into the office of Darren.

After the thick curtain was drawn, Darren shrank himself in the back of the black sofa, like a black marble statue. After Sophie came in, he said in a low voice, "How is she?"

"She is still in a coma. She should be in a moment of emergency. I'm afraid that she will be found by the reporters, so I came back without asking more. But the assistant of hers seems to be honest and reliable. I gave her a bank card and told her to take goo

ded her head and asked, "Who sent me here?"

Bonnie Zhong said, "It's me. I saw you fainted on the stage, so I call an ambulance immediately."

It turned out that it was not Darren who sent her here. It turned out that he could let her pass out on the stage. Amanda was desperate. She thought to herself, 'How silly I am! Darren could insult me like that. How could he worry about me?'

"You are carrying a baby now. The An family dare not do anything to you," Bonnie Zhong said. She didn't doubt how the An family would look down upon Amanda because of her infertility. She was thrilled to see Amanda get pregnant. "When you passed out, Sophie came to see you in person. She even visited you secretly. But she is Mr. Darren's assistant and it's not convenient for her to visit you," she explained.

It had nothing to do with Darren from beginning to end. He could have come when he wanted, or leave when he didn't want to, or he didn't even need to come.

"Oh, by the way, Miss. Lin wants me to call her when you wake up. You are pregnant now. It's not the same as before. If you have her help, tell Mr. Darren and he will come to pick you up soon," Bonnie Zhong said. Suddenly, Sophie's words came to her mind. She took out her phone and prepared to dial Sophie's number.

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