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   Chapter 253 Poor Amanda

Count On Your Love By Tang Butian Characters: 6716

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"The past is the past? How can you let the past go just by one sentence?" Darren laughed hysterically. Then he went up to hold on to Amanda's hand and questioned her, "What did I do to you when you were involved with other people? You just tell me you have nothing to do with him and I would like to help you clean the mess. But look at you! You still keep in touch with him secretly. You were so sweet back then, weren't you? You always said that you fell down accidentally and then lost the baby. Do you have a guilty conscience? Are you worried that the child is not my son?"

"Darren!" Amanda couldn't stand his insulting words any more. She screamed, tears ran down from her face. She cried, "If I wanted to be with him, I wouldn't have agreed to be with you at all. I love you! But you've been doubting my loyalty to you!"

"Amanda, do you remember what we did to you? Grandfather and I treated you as a member of our family back then. But what did you do? You came to the An Group and created a chaos there. You were afraid that others would not know that you are the lady of the An Group. You hurt the actress that is about to shoot the advertisement. Those workers were forced to stop working. They had no choice but to write a report letter under the name of the An Group. How many charges did I cover for you? Think carefully. Are you wronged?" Darren looked away. The microphone was just next to him. Although his voice was not loud, it had been heard all over the venue.

Darren's eyes were cold and indifferent. Amanda was acting a traveler who was about to die of thirst in a desert, her throat was dry and her eyes turned dark. She didn't know why everything would come to this. Her head was buzzing and her knees collapsed.

With an indifferent look on Darren's face, Darren didn't even turn his head to look at the scene. Amanda was still unconscious on the stage. If some people noticed the scene, they would see Darren curling up his sleeves and clenching his fists. But now, no one coul

just telling you a secret. The famous star, Rose, is pregnant with the grandson of the An family. Miss. Cheng has been married to Mr. Darren for a long time. But she has never had a child, and she is so rude that she failed to please Nicholas. The An family has been waiting for the divorce for a long time. Today is an opportunity," Sophie said.

The Secretary's face turned pale. "Please don't scare me. Miss. Cheng is such a good woman."

Tears welled up in Sophie's eyes as she spoke. She sobbed, "Miss. Cheng is a good woman. I've been helped by her several times before. It's a pity that she has no one to turn to. Please take good care of her, and I'll remember you. I can't help her because of my current position. Miss. Cheng is a poor and helpless woman. It's all up to you. Please don't let her hurt herself."

"Don't worry. I'll take care of her. But Mr. Darren had never been angry like that before. Is there going to be some kind of mistake between them? If there are some misunderstandings between them, it's better to fix them." The Secretary asked with concern.

"How can we get involved in the business of these huge families? We are just watching everything. As long as we can do a favor, it will be fine," Sophie sighed.

The Secretary nodded.

"I don't know your name yet," Sophie said to the secretary.

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