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   Chapter 251 An Unexpected Plan

Count On Your Love By Tang Butian Characters: 7091

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However, Darren was not strong enough to disagree with the decision that Nicholas was going to make. Darren hadn't that power like Nicholas'.

Darren opened the bag. He had a foreboding.

"Take a look at me. Don't let my beauty goes away. I won't regret it and you will always be my lover. You can leave the wandering traces of desolation in the desert to write down a permanent memory." A singer was singing this old song on the talent show. Nicholas seemed to enjoy the freshness of singing. He seldom sat on the sofa to watch it for a while.

When Gregorio came back, he saw Nicholas was listening to the song, so he didn't disturb him.

After the singer finished singing, Nicholas said with a smile, "It's interesting. She can earn more money if she has a professional team."

But the singer soon was checked out by several judges. At the end, Gregorio said with a smile, "Yeah, she is good, but she didn't follow the rhythm. She is totally out of tune."

Nicholas turned off the TV. "I know you young people like to obey the authority. You always think that classic songs need the famous singers to sing. It will show that the singers have experienced a lot. In my opinion, all the songs in the world are almost the same. There is no clear standard to decide who sings well or not. Innovation has changed our life. Singing needs innovation too," he said.

"I just left for a while and you have already became a philosopher. If I leave again, would you implement a cultural reform in our home after I come back?" Gregorio said with a smile.

"What? Am I getting old? Do you think I'm nagging you?" Nicholas sat on the sofa and knocked the ground with the walking stick. The maid beside him came to bring him the tea that she had just made. Nicholas took a sip and asked, "How's it going to be for Rose's child?"

"She is living in the hospital in the name of recuperating." "But we have already arranged a house for her to live. Everything went smoothly until she gave birth to the baby. No one would disturb her," Gregorio said.

Nicholas nodded.

"Aren't you afraid that this kid will goad up the

ening ceremony must have begun now, but Darren hadn't come out. It seemed that he didn't want to go.

'What's so special about the document sent by my brother to anger Mr. Darren?' Sitting in her seat, Sophie couldn't help but feel a little nervous.

Darren thumped the table, and his fists were numb and his bones seemed to be cracking, but his thin lips were tight and gasping. It seemed that he was about to vent his anger, but there was no way for him to pour out his feelings.

He didn't expect that Nicholas' plan was to devour the whole Cheng family. In order to purchase the Cheng family at the minimum cost, Nicholas took the advantage of the law to cooperate with the Cheng Group on the development project. Then, he would let the Cheng Group go against the contract. In this way, Cheng Group would pay a huge sum of money for the Green Light District in the future. If the Cheng Group broke the contract, the An Group could withdraw the capital legally. And once the An Group withdrew the capital, the Cheng Group would pay a very high price. The capital chain of the Cheng Group would be broken and then the company would suffer great losses. The Cheng Group would go bankrupt. Besides, the An Group could add fuel to the fire. After the Cheng Group was broken and declared bankruptcy, the An Group would have a priority to purchase the capital of the Cheng group in accordance with the contract.

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