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   Chapter 247 The Most Tolerant Woman

Count On Your Love By Tang Butian Characters: 6731

Updated: 2020-03-04 00:12

"Why are you here?" Darren asked with a frown.

"What? Are you afraid that I would see you with others?" Amanda said as she raised her eyebrows.

"Mrs. An, Mr. Darren was just drunk just now." "Since you're here, I'll go back first," said Sophie, restless. Then, she picked up her bag and was about to run away.

"Sophie," Amanda called her from behind.

Sophie turned around, feeling that she had never been so embarrassed.

With a bright smile on her face, Amanda responded, "Darren is lucky to have you. It's a blessing for me to make you my friend. I'm a lucky woman."

Stunned for a while, Sophie smiled with relief and said, "I have never seen a woman more generous than you, Amanda."

"What do you mean by generous? I'm still a woman," Amanda murmured. When she turned around and met Darren's deep set eyes, she was shocked. She pushed him and said, "Hey, alcoholic, let's home."

"You are not angry. You are not a woman at all," Darren said flatly.

"So, if I'm not a woman, then are you a gay?" Amanda asked indifferently.

Darren was speechless. He looked away and said, "What are you talking about?"

Amanda grabbed his hand. "Let's go. Let's go home," she said.

Darren wanted to go back to their own home, a home with her. With her words, he would rather go to hell, even a sea of swords and rivers in front of him. The reason why he left was that he didn't want to see the decadent and resentful face of Amanda. Now she was still by his side and spoke to him so gently. He was held up by her unconsciously and went away.

"Well, I take a fancy to this handsome guy first. Little girl, you at least know the rules." The woman who tried to seduce Darren and was chased away by Sophie was not reconciled. When she came back and saw Amanda holding Darren and ready to leave, she hurried up and said with a smile.

Amanda was confused as she heard her words. When she looked at Darren and the woman with heavy make-up, she asked, "Miss, what kind of rule do I need to know?"

nd said, "Go to bathe now."

"Let's do it together, '' Darren said.

"No way! The person who is full of perfume is you but not me," Amanda proposed.

"You've been with me for a long time and I could smell the perfume on your clothes. If you don't believe me, smell by yourself," Darren said with a smirk.

Amanda pushed him. Then she said, "You go to the bathroom first."

"If you take baths with me, we can save water." The reason he gave turned out to be so unreasonable, which shocked and terrified Amanda. In a second, she was forced and threateningly stripped the clothes off by Darren. But when she was only with the last piece of clothes left, she immediately asked Darren to run her a hot bath. She was afraid of cold. The air conditioner in the room was just turned on, and the window was just closed, and the temperature in the room was not too high.

Then Darren turned around to fill the bathtub with water. Amanda leaned over and covered her body. She shook her head helplessly.

They were playing in the bathroom. Darren was a shameless rogue. He was so greedy that he wanted Amanda to meld with him. The water in the bathroom splashed all over the floor. Amanda blushed and was carried to the sofa by Darren with a big bath towel. There were a little hickey on Darren's chest, and Amanda was too shy to look up.

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