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   Chapter 244 The Sadness Of A Pawn

Count On Your Love By Tang Butian Characters: 7050

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When he saw the grievance and helplessness on Amanda's face, his heart softened. In addition to kissing and taking her, he didn't know what else he could do to make her feel safe and told her that he would be with her all the time. Only in this way could Darren feel a sense of security and a sense of security that she would never leave.

No matter how many times Darren kissed her, Amanda got no reply. Darren lifted her to his chest. But Amanda looked indifferently at him and said calmly, "Aren't you going to have dinner?"

When he met her eyes, his heart sank. He looked at her and asked, "Are you hungry?"

"You said you were hungry, didn't you?"

"I'm not hungry."

"I'm hungry now."

Then, Amanda looked away from Darren, who was just like a stranger to him. But what was the use of her rebellious attitude, because she knew if she tried to do something against his will, Darren would never listen to her. He looked at Amanda in front of him, eyes cold. He didn't want to possess her body now. He just wanted her heart. Yes, he was greedy now. He wanted her body and heart both to be his.

So, if he couldn't win her heart, he wouldn't force her to have sex with him, and he didn't want her to dislike him again.

"Amanda." Darren put her down. He called her name softly, pulled up her hair and caressed her fair neck. His voice seemed to carry infinite tenderness, but which was also deceptive.

"What's up?" Amanda asked as she looked at Darren.

"Do you have to talk to me in this way? Can we leave those things behind at home? We are just a simple couple," Darren said.

"I have never had such a strong ability to comfort myself." Amanda shook her head and sneered, "How can I suppose to be? Do you think I'm an idiot? I don't like palace struggling stories. I won't accept that you will have many lovers."

"What are you talking about? I won't marry her." Darren grabbed her hand and said, "I've never lied to you. I'll do whatever I promised you."

But she bit her lips and asked, "Then what I saw today was only an illusion? What did you say in the past? Now I know the ne

the television. Her curly hair which always stood out and turned into a bud with no makeup on her face, and her face turned healthy red.

Holding the potato chips in the glass bowl, Gregorio sighed, "My sister is so beautiful. I'm thinking who will you marry?"

"Have you used up the tomato paste?" With one hand and one foot standing side by side on the cushion, Sophie turned over. It was difficult for her to move, but she could easily talk.

Gregorio looked at her and said, "Not yet. Do you want some tomato paste to moisturize your face? I can pick the freshest tomato for you. There is no pesticide for it."

"How could you be so free if you didn't finish your work?" said Sophie, indifferently.

"You're getting naughty," Gregorio said with a smile. But he didn't take it seriously. Sophie's phone suddenly buzzed. Gregorio walked to the table and saw it was a call from Darren. His face darkened. Sophie stood up and picked up the phone. Seeing the caller ID, she picked up the phone and answered it.

Gregorio turned around and went straight to his room. He opened the small balcony quietly and there were only a few pots of flower between the small balcony and Sophie's balcony. Gregorio liked to plant potted plants. The hanging basket and pineapple were used to make a beautiful green barrier so that Gregorio could hear all the sounds from the balcony only with a half bent body.

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