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   Chapter 241 A Difficult Person

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Darren smiled at her, which made Susie's heart beat faster. She looked away with shyness.

Since no one took the initiative to take the blame, they all turned to look at Amanda. They knew that she was Mr. Darren's wife. If anyone could simmer down Mr. Darren's anger, it would definitely be Miss. Cheng.

Charles looked at Amanda for help, but the latter seemed in a daze and ignored people's look for help. She lowered her head, and the pen in her hand slid from her finger unconsciously. Seeing that she was not in the situation at all, by Gregorio's words, she realized that she didn't have anything at all. How could she stand on her feet and protect Sheryl? This was really a big problem. Amanda had thought a lot about how to survive in a foreign country when she at abroad. But she had never thought about how to survive in a dilemma.

She also knew that she shouldn't have pulled a long face. Objectively speaking, it was all because of Darren who took good care of her. She did not have any reason to ask him to do everything well.

"Ahem, Amanda, since Mr. Darren has some problems, you'd better explain them clearly to him these days." On the other side of the table, seeing that Amanda didn't respond at all, Charles coughed and called out Amanda directly.

But Amanda didn't pay any attention to what was happening at all. When Charles noticed that Amanda was still thinking about her own thing, he felt embarrassed.

Susie raised her voice again and shouted, "Amanda, what are you thinking about? Everyone is talking about the company's affairs. It's not right for you to think other things."

Susie's voice interrupted Amanda's thoughts. After a short while, Amanda regained her composure and said with a frown, "Even if we're discussing important issues, we have the chairman, the general manager and you, the vice president. It's not my turn to talk."

This time she returned the question and mentioned Simon. Simon's lips twitched but said nothing. Sitting behind Darren, Sophie tried hard to hold back her laughter. 'Mrs. An, you

, but she kept staring at the door, for fear of missing any movement made by Mr. Darren.

Sophie opened the door for Amanda. The latter walked in and saw Darren sitting on the couch. The papers from the Cheng Group were placed in front of him. She sat opposite to him and asked, "What do you want to know?"

She sat straight and looked like she was doing business according to official principles. There was an air of alienation in her eyes. Normally, a lazy person like Amanda would avoid sitting if she could lie down. Now that she could sit properly and looked so serious as if she was in the state of working.

Or maybe she was just angry with him.

Amanda was, of course, in a fit of pique because of Darren, so she was completely tensed, had no smile on her face, and was very strict with her words.

While listening to their conversation, Sophie felt a little embarrassed. She was worried that Darren would be embarrassed, so she smiled and said, "Mr. Darren, I have to answer a phone call outside."

Darren replied briefly. Then, Sophie went out in a hurry. Seeing that many people in the company were curiously staring at her, she became serious and began to contact the clients whom Darren had contacted with.

"I want to know why the Cheng Group's performance is so low. Such a profit directly makes me lose 3% more than I expected," Darren said.

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