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   Chapter 240 Question The People In The Cheng Group

Count On Your Love By Tang Butian Characters: 7169

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Darren smiled and said, "Sophie, Mr. Nicholas is walking towards me. Don't you know his plan? He wants to see me fight with Amanda. The bigger we fight, the more reassured he will be."

"You must have misunderstood him. He always wants you to get back together. How could he allow you to be in a fight again?" Sophie said, not sure whether he was telling the truth.

"In his eyes, nothing is more important than the An Group. What he did and did must be abnormal. He has a new prey and if I am in love with Amanda, it will influence him to get what he wants," Darren said calmly.

"So, you are going to the Cheng Group not to see Mrs. An, but to see what kind of thing has become Mr. Nicholas' prey?" Sophie figured it out in an instant.

"Thank you for your help, Sophie. Otherwise, I couldn't handle your brother. He is very smart. He is as cunning as a fox," said Darren.

"If my brother is a fox, then what am I?" Sophie asked.

"A naughty fox," Darren couldn't help laughing.

Sophie was helpless that she stepped on the gas. Darren said that she was a naughty fox? But she actually felt shy, so she quickly took her mind back and rushed to the Cheng Group.

"Wendy, make another file for me. The second and the third pages are separately prepared." Amanda went directly to the office area with the documents and ordered.

"Okay, Miss. Cheng." The young and pretty white-collar worker immediately took over the document and began to make.

All of a sudden, a noise came from the door, which made Amanda turn around with a frown. Then she saw Darren walked in with Sophie. Charles had already got the news from Sophie, so he immediately left the clients and rushed back. When Charles got Sophie's call, he came back for a sneer.

When Charles opened the door and saw Darren, he immediately greeted him with a smile. Noticing that Amanda was there, he hurried to put on a smile and said, "No need to hurry, Amanda. Let's have a meeting now."

She frowned and asked, "Why did you suddenly have a meeting?"

"You don't know yet. Mr. Darren is now one of the shareholders of the Cheng Group, and he holds twenty percent of

eryone's heart. Everyone was very cooperative. No one would be so stupid to offend the young master of the An Group.

Susie was sitting next to Darren. She was very excited. She had never been so close to Darren before. Then she looked at Amanda who was sitting opposite to Darren. There was a spacious desk between them, and she held a document in her hand and continued to read it carefully.

After a few words of welcome, Simon wanted Darren to have a say.

"I have seen the quarterly report of Cheng Group last month. To be honest, I feel dissatisfied. Is that the performance of Cheng Group? The reimbursement of the Cheng Group is so high, but you only get a few orders, and the profit is even worse. I don't know who can explain to me?" Darren said directly.

His cold voice made everyone shudder. He wasn't here to tell people what to do, but to question them directly. As a shareholder, he had the right to accuse the company of being profitable and ready to withdraw the capital at any time. But looking at Darren, he acted that he must get a satisfactory answer before he took it.

As the general manager, Charles was the first one to answer the question of Darren. He was so anxious that he didn't know what to do. Susie was also surprised. It was the first time she saw Darren losing his temper. After Darren sat down, Susie quickly pushed a glass of water over and whispered, "Mr. Darren, don't get angry."

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