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   Chapter 239 I Won't Tell Her

Count On Your Love By Tang Butian Characters: 6580

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She was racking her brains to think of an abortion plan for Rose, but Rose didn't want to have an abortion. When she could do nothing about it, Gregorio suddenly posted a series of hype with the media, saying that Rose was pregnant, which immediately drew the attention of the public. Under such a circumstance, it was impossible for Rose to get her abortion even without alarming anybody.

In addition, since Gregorio had made up his mind to keep the baby, he did not intend to allow Rose to have an abortion. This was a decision of Nicholas. He wanted the child, and his brother had already known it.

"Sophie, it has nothing to do with you," Gregorio said seriously.

His words really blew Sophie up. "Brother, you're all trying to hide it from me. It's about Mr. Darren, and it's about me too. I'm his assistant."

"Sophie, stay out of it." The door of Darren was opened from the inside. He stood by the door with no expression on his face. He said to Gregorio, "Come in, please."

Gregorio looked at Sophie. After that, he walked into the room with Darren.

"It's all in a mess. What on earth are these people going to do?" Sophie said, helplessly covering her head.

"Mr. Darren, you look not bad," Gregorio said.

Darren sneered, "Grandfather has taught me a lot. He said that don't cry when you are cheated."

A small smile appeared on Gregorio's lips. "I did it with great care. It's really beyond my expectation that he can succeed."

"It never occurred to me that Nicholas would care about this. What does he want? Is he only the heir of the family?" Darren said coldly. "If this is really his plan, then he should know which baby I want."

Gregorio said respectfully, "I can't guess out Mr. Nicholas' intention, but I think everything is for the good of Mr. Darren."

"Do you think everything is for my good?" Darren asked.

"At least, without his help, your relationship with Miss. Cheng wouldn't have been so smooth," Gregorio said

I do for you?"

Darren said, "Let's go to the Cheng Group now."

Terrified as Sophie was, she tried to keep calm on the outside. The news of Rose's pregnancy was released last night, and it had hit the headlines this morning. When Mr. Darren came to the company, he had a bad look. She wondered how he could communicate with Amanda. If they couldn't communicate well, Mr. Darren came go to the Cheng Group would not achieve a good result. As Amanda's temper, she assumed that the news would make Amanda furious. But at this moment, they must work together and no dispute would happen.

Darren was in the driver's seat. While driving, Sophie had a feeling that she was driving the last car to hell. So she asked carefully, "Mr. Darren, what does Amanda think of this matter?"

"What do you think she will think?" Darren said.

"Of course, she can't accept it. You have to explain to her clearly that you didn't do it, it was Mr. Nicholas' order," Sophie said.

Darren said, "No, I won't tell her."

Sophie was shocked, "You are not going to tell her? No, you can't do that. Amanda is so stubborn and bold. If she misunderstood you, she would surely do anything to get back at you. Moreover, there is nothing we can't tell her. Mr. Nicholas is not doing the right thing. Of course you can tell her."

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