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   Chapter 238 Don't Lose At The Beginning

Count On Your Love By Tang Butian Characters: 6119

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"Aren't we going to visit Auntie Nola? Why don't we go out for a walk today?" Darren said.

"For relaxation?" Amanda didn't know how to respond to Darren. If she had been in the honey jar yesterday, she would have been in the freezing ice house now, surrounded by the chilling wind and freezing frost. "Why did I want to relieve myself?"

"Didn't we say that we would go to see Nola?" Darren said, "Let's go now. You always said you missed her, right?"

Amanda stared at him coldly. "What are you afraid of?"

When Amanda woke from love, she was also a very terrifying person. She looked at Darren and said, "Will it not be long before the public find out who the father of the child is? Will we get divorced soon?"

"No, we won't divorce. No one can separate us," Darren said firmly.

Turning to look away, Amanda remarked, "Darren, you're a man. Please be decisive."

"I can't tell you anything now, but trust me. Don't believe what you see and hear now. Just believe what you feel. I will take care of the rest," Darren said.

"Mr. Darren, are you in a romantic drama?" Amanda said coldly. "I'm not that idle. If you really think it's fair to me, tell me why."

"It's not the time yet." Darren said, "You have to trust me."

"I don't think it's not a good time. When you three are ready, is it the time?" Amanda proposed.

Darren frowned, "Amanda, you can't stay calm now. I can't tell you about it, but I can assure you that my feelings for you are true. I will protect our family well, and no one can intrude into it again."

"That's enough. I don't want to hear it anymore," Amanda interrupted him. She went upstairs, changed her clothes and went to the Cheng Group.

The news that Rose was pregnant was a big news for everyone, no matter who it was. All her fans were eager to know who would be her l

fact, it would be very bad for her if she acted without authorization. She didn't know how to play smart at all, just like what Rose did. So he came here subconsciously to remind Amanda, no more self-righteous.

Amanda leaned back in her seat, lost in thought. She suddenly realized that she had been given by Darren to do everything. Without him, she would have been unable to keep everything. But she was being very judgmental and negotiated with Darren, who was more powerful than her. She once thought that love could resolve everything. That was so ridiculous.

However, when she heard such news, she still felt sad, not because Rose was going to give birth to the baby, but because of the attitude of Darren. He didn't intend to explain, and there was no reason for Amanda to ask, because she thought she was a just a woman, who was similar with Rose. Both of them depended on the An family.

A drop of tear slowly fell down from the eyes of Amanda. Looking at the gray sky outside, Amanda was lost in her illusion.

After saying that, Gregorio drove his car to the An Group.

Seeing him coming, Sophie said immediately, "Are you crazy? Why did you keep it from me? Why didn't I know anything about it?"

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