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   Chapter 237 Using Diversionary Tactics

Count On Your Love By Tang Butian Characters: 6490

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"I don't understand." Darren said, "When you jump at me, you can easily take away the other six on the plate. I certainly couldn't care about the other six on the plate at that time, but you only fixed your eyes on the half in my hand, and you were still so happy. It can be seen that you are not hungry, and I won't give you the rest."

Amanda was stunned as Darren ate up the rest of the bacon casually. She didn't even have one bite. She stood up in a fit of pique and said, "I can cook by myself. I can get as much as I want and I will eat all of them by myself."

"No, you can't. It's very late now. No more dishes," Darren stopped her.

"Humph! Since you have had enough, you don't let me eat. I'll eat it," Amanda said.

"No, you can't. You can't get more bacon from my hand. It means that you failed. You have to learn to accept the result, instead of cooking new bacon," Darren said.


"Everyone has a very important thing in business and people's lives. It's called discerning. Those who cannot see the good thing cannot be regarded as the good, because everyone is not blind. If you cannot see the pearl and fish eye, don't make a fool of yourself. The difficult thing is that you can choose the most suitable thing at the most suitable time. Just like in the desert, you are very easy to choose from a cup of gold and a cup of water," Darren said.

Amanda down and listened to what he said honestly. Although Darren always did something that Amanda didn't like, his words could be sensible and experienced.

"So should I grab the food on that plate? But you have already thought about this. If I did seize it, you would still catch it instead," Amanda said.

"Idiot, if you don't see that, who will tell you?" If you want to be discerning. Using diversionary tactics is a good choice, but that tactics is not that simple. Do you understand?" Darren said.

When Amanda met Darren's eyes, she sat down ob

as Amanda listened to the name of Rose, she was stunned. The news was reported on the TV on the wall. It was announced by Rose that she would temporarily retire, because she was pregnant. The reporter asked whether there was any good news about her, and Rose answered that they needed to wait for the good news.

She was pregnant. Of course Amanda knew Rose was pregnant, because it was Darren's child. But he had told Rose to have an abortion, why did Rose dare to announce her pregnancy in a big way?

Amanda got nervous. Rose was pregnant, and she had told the media about that. It meant that she would never have an abortion in the future. But who gave her the guts to do it?

When Darren went downstairs, he saw Amanda was absentminded. With a smile, he asked, "What's wrong? Is it cold outside?"

Amanda looked at him and said, "Rose is pregnant."

Darren blinked and said, "I know it."

"It's announced that Rose is pregnant," Amanda stared at Darren and said.

Darren also looked at her and said, "I know it."

Amanda felt tired. She put the breakfast on the table and sat on the chair without saying anything.

Darren knew it. Did he also want Rose to have that baby? If so, he could tell her. But why did he promise her again and again and finally let out the news?

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