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   Chapter 235 A Look Of Disgust

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Updated: 2020-03-02 00:02

"I was being generous to you. You disliked me first. How could you blame me for that? I didn't force you to eat the food you don't want. But you don't thank me, you just blame me," Amanda said.

"Who said I don't want to drink it? Of course I will drink it after I have waited for so long." Darren took the bowl from Amanda and had a taste with his brows wrinkled. It was quite delicious. Amanda smiled and asked, "Is it tasty?"

Darren nodded. He blew the oily on the surface of the soup and took another sip. "Not the worst."

"Then stop drinking." Amanda was unhappy. She stood up to grab his bowl, but Darren dodged and said, "I helped you a lot anyway. You even didn't let me drink the soup. What a jerk!"

"I have done so much hard work but you didn't appreciate me. You're so mean. The mean person should eat on his own, so I don't let you drink it." 'He didn't appreciate my cooking skills, but he said that it's not the worst, ' she thought.

"You are such an insidious woman. Do you learn to cook in advance in order to keep me on the hook?" Darren said gloomily.

"Narcissistic. I'm not interested in keeping you on the hook," Amanda smiled.

Women were easy to be coaxed. Having been teased by his words, Amanda didn't ask for an answer and directed him to bring some soup to others.

On the other hand, Darren was standing behind her, carrying a big pot of soup. When he arrived at the dining hall, he found that everyone's mood was very unstable. A little girl was nestling in the dean's arms. After setting up the bowls and chopsticks, Amanda said to Polly with a smile, "Polly, drink more soup today. It's delicious."

The little girl in the dean's arms nodded. Thinking of the man who just wanted to her away with a ferocious expression, Darren said to Polly, "Polly, don't worry. I am here, no one can take you away from here forcibly."

Compared with the comfort from the dean, Darren, who was a capable man, gave her more sense of security. Polly nodded her head and walked to the table. Amanda filled her bowl with steaming mutton s

tle surprised. She asked in disbelief, "Why did you have to pack them? Didn't you say that they were ugly?"

"They're more beautiful than what you are wearing now," Darren said. Noticing that her cheeks were bulging out due to anger, he cracked a smile and caressed her cheek. "Little fool," he called in a low voice.

'How dare he flirt with me in the shop?' Amanda thought to herself and blushed.

They took a pile of clothes and threw them into the car. There were ice creams on the street, and Amanda wanted to eat them.

Darren frowned, "Don eat that, or you will get a cold."

There, in the warm apricot yellow light, Amanda looked at the ice cream in the shop near the street. It was a little cold, but she wanted to buy it. But before she went to buy it, Darren grabbed her arm and asked, "It is cold outside. You can eat whatever you like. I'll go and buy it for you."

"Chocolate," Amanda said immediately.

Darren mumbled. "You won't get fat, will you?"

Getting in the car, Amanda looked at Darren through the front window and saw him walking to a shop. He would never be a man like this, but he was willing to do such simple and trivial things for her. Amanda leaned on the back of the car seat and couldn't help smiling. She really felt happy when she saw this bad man running around for herself. She had never been so solid and steady like this.

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