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   Chapter 233 The First Snow

Count On Your Love By Tang Butian Characters: 7283

Updated: 2020-03-01 00:32

"He's here! He's here!" As soon as the car was driven into the orphanage, the children inside were shouting happily. Even though Amanda was outside the car window, she could still feel their excitement.

The dean said with a helpless smile, "This group of children are so naughty. They are like birds out of cages, jumping all the time when they see you coming."

"You look so happy today, dean. Anything good happened?" Amanda got off the car and asked with a smile.

The dean smiled with red eyes, "Beth is six years old. Yesterday her relatives came to find her and took her away. She finally has a home."

Amanda felt warm in her heart as she heard this news. She remembered that Beth was a girl who liked to wear a pink dress with a big doll in her arms. She was a very sweet girl, but she always kept a straight face and didn't like talking to others. It was only after there was a few times that Beth managed to talk to her. And now she was taken away by her family. Such a girl had her own family. Then she could grow up healthily.

"Are you sure that they are Beth's biological parents? Why did they come here in a sudden? Did you know the reason?" Darren asked.

"You're right. Nowadays people will take the children away with their own purpose. We'd better figure it out before we hand the kid over to them," Amanda followed.

The dean smiled and said, "All the procedures are complete. I saw them hugging Beth and crying with sincerity. Beth was adopted, thrown in and sent here before. Now her family has been looking for her for several years, and finally found this place. It's not easy."

"Yes, it's not easy," Amanda said. A girl threw herself into Amanda's arms. Amanda held her in her arms and said with a smile, "Elin, did you have supper?"

"Yes." Elin said in a sweet voice.

"Great!" Amanda held her in her arms and kissed the girl on her cheek. Then they walked towards their destination.

The dean looked at the group of children around her with a pleasant smile and said, "They all like Amanda very much, and she looks very fond of children too. I'm sure your kid will have a happy life in the future."

Darren nodded with a smile, "

ny people were standing outside watching the snow. Some girls were screaming excitedly, looking forward to the first snow this year.

"There are screaming everywhere. It's amazing. It began to snow by accident," Amanda smiled.

"Yes, time flies." It was summer when Darren was going to marry Amanda. Now autumn was coming. They had been through a lot together. Luckily, they were together now.

As soon as Amanda came back to the orphanage, she hurried to the kitchen and made the amniotic soup. The dean of the orphanage came to help her. Then Darren took the children to watch TV with him, as if there was a big family here.

But soon, the clam was broken down. There was a scream coming from the outside, which frightened Amanda in the kitchen. The dean hurried out to have a look, and then there was a quarrel in the yard.

The white bubbles were gathering in the pot, and a faint fragrance of the soup already filled the air. So Amanda covered the pot, then walked outside. A middle-aged man in a black overcoat was knocked to the ground by Darren. The dean was so angry that she pointed at that man and scolded, "Why are you so shameless? Polly is your daughter, but you are so shameless! What have you done? You want to beat up your wife who gave birth to you, and your children. What kind of life did Polly have at your home? Whatever idea do you have, I won't let you pick up her. Otherwise, you will get the poor girl into trouble."

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