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   Chapter 224 The Secret Plans

Count On Your Love By Tang Butian Characters: 6426

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"I did conceive a baby, and I want to gIve up it and get rid of it. I don't want to be bound with it. If it doesn't belong to you, you can't keep it even you use forcible methods. I've hesitated, and I've also suffered, but if I had a chance, I might not have the baby, because I am not able to be a good mother. Are all immature. I don't have the confidence to raise him alone and make him look better than those children who have parents."

There was a mixture of excitement and seriousness in Amanda's words, but Rose didn't listen to a single word from her. Huddling up on the bed, she said with a cold smile, "Don't be so dignified, Amanda. You just want me to kill the baby of Darren and me myself, in case you get in the way. You are so selfish, so don't pretend to be innocent in front of me."

"Rose." Seeing how sarcastic she was to Amanda, Darren was pissed off. Amanda patted his hand and comforted, "Don't get mad. Even if she thinks this way, I'm not mad at all. Because you know what kind of person I am. That's enough."

"Miss. Su, to be honest, even if you give birth to the baby, I won't stop you. Even if you don't need me, An Group will raise him up, but they won't let you have more contact with the baby. You will only get a lot of reward by giving birth to the baby, and you will also receive a rich reward if you take him. But you can't get what you want, whether you have the baby or not," Amanda proposed.

"Fuck off! Fuck off!" Rose grabbed a glass from the table and threw it towards Amanda. Darren moved forward immediately to protect Amanda.

Covered her chest with her hand, Rose began to cough violently. She fell on the bed, tears streaming down her face, staring at the snow-white wall with her eyes closed in a daze.

After he left with Amanda, Darren called in Sophie to handle this matter.

It was rare for Sophie to have a day off to wash clothes at home. When Gregorio was t

eople in the Gu family, he was worried and fell ill because of his anger.

But Nicholas offered Lionel the right to leave when Lionel was in conflict. The Gu family had an electronic processing plant in the United States and bought a very important patent. Nicholas promised to give Lionel a chance to recover, after which he gained the right to transfer the patent for ten years.

Now, Lionel had settled down in the US and Nicholas was about to get his patent right. The one who needed it the most was not the An Group, but the Cheng Group.

That was the real reason why Nicholas had forced Darren to engage with Amanda. It wasn't for financing, but for a small company bought by Amanda's father.

Gregorio didn't know what Nicholas would do next. He just followed his order.

He saw the oil in the pan opening, sighed, and carefully put the neat pieces of potatoes into the hot oil. Then the white pieces rolled and turned yellow in the oil pan. He smiled, "It's interesting. Even I can't see it through."

"The research and development of the new stage is smooth. You can rest assured and sleep. You don't have to stay in the processing room at 12 o'clock every night." Wearing a bright red dress, Josie walked into the study room with a file and said with a smile.

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