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   Chapter 223 A Mother's Heart

Count On Your Love By Tang Butian Characters: 6429

Updated: 2020-02-28 00:12

"Do you really have to do what you want to do?" Darren said playfully.

On hearing this, Amanda became alert. She shrank back and said, "Don't take it the wrong way."

"Idiot." He laughed and pinched her face. "I can't bear to see you unhappy all day. Since you don't want to go, you can ask Maggie for help. You haven't chosen the wedding gift for her, and we have to go to see Nola. We'd better not waste our time on meaningless emotions these days."

"You're right. There are a lot of things to deal with recently. Can we speed up, Darren?" Amanda went on.

"Speed up what?" Darren asked.

Amanda added, "Speed up our revenge."

"Do you still hate Susie?" Darren said.

The resentment was expressed in Amanda's eyes. "As soon as I saw her, I remember the kicks she had made on my belly, the things she had done to Sheryl, and the fact that she proudly showed off to bully Sheryl. I even want to kill her, but for our plan, I have to endure, and make a scene as if we are deeply in love with each other. It's such a painful disguise."

Darren pulled over and held the crying Amanda in his arms. The next second, Amanda broke out crying and hugged Darren. "I'm such a loser. I pretend to be happy every day when I see my enemy standing in front of me, but I can't do anything."

He patted her back and added, "You did a good job. It's better than I expected."

"Really?" Amanda asked.

Darren lifted his lips and whispered in her ear, "Do you want to destroy the Cheng Group with me, Amanda?"

Amanda shivered and sat up. She stared at Darren with her mouth wide open. She had just heard something that destroy the Cheng Group. She said subconsciously, "No, I can't destroy the company. It's my father's work."

"But now it has taken great efforts. If your father were still alive, he would be very happy to see the Cheng Group being destroyed. Don't you think that the operation of it over the years i

bly calm down? You've lost your child too, and you know the pain that a mother can't protect her child in front of her. Why do you impose this pain on others?" It was so hard for Rose to accept that her last ace was totally ignored by Darren. Seeing that Amanda was about to take a step forward, she hit Amanda sharply.

The sudden thought of giving up the baby made Amanda's eyes red. But she still looked straight into her eyes and said, "It's a painful thing for a mother to give up on her child. However, if the mother could not give the baby a good environment, but she still choose to give birth to the baby. Is it right to give birth to the baby without his or her permission? I saw many children from slums. They are the product of their mothers' indulgence. They were abandoned immediately after they were born, and lived hard there, unable to escape from the slums. Being pregnant for ten months was not as good as the first contraceptive pill."

Hearing her words, Rose was confused. She did not know why would Amanda talk about this topic?

Amanda took a deep breath and tried to recollect the past. It was still a painful thing for her. Perhaps, some of those things might be thought as some intricate, but in fact, those were what she really wanted to tell Rose.

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