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   Chapter 222 I Don't Want To Face It

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Updated: 2020-02-28 00:09

He just watched her taking that photo. No matter how well the other people planned, she eventually took it. But she turned out to be innocent, which enraged Darren. He went straight to catch the photo.

Amanda quickly avoided his move. "What are you going to do, Darren?" she shouted.

"It's just a photo. Why did you cover it up? Are you afraid that I'll destroy your sweetheart?" Looking ghastly pale, he said coldly, grasping the hand of Amanda.

"What are you talking about, Darren? It's a photo of Lionel and I just keep it for him temporarily."

"Who is he to you? Why do you keep it for him?" Darren's eyes seemed to be frozen. "You still have feelings for him, don't you? When you know that Mr. Bruce is in good health and Lionel will come back, you have interest in him, right?"

But his question came like a storm, and it frightened Amanda. She muttered, "Is this what you're thinking? Am I such a woman in your eyes?"

She wasn't, of course, not.

Darren loosened his grip. "If you want me to believe you, throw the photo away."

"No, I won't throw it. This photo has him and his grandfather. It will be the most precious thing in the family. After all, I have promised Josie to keep this photo. Even if she framed me at that time, I still have to keep it. If I had really abandoned you, I would have flown to America to look for him. Why would I have to come here with you?" Amanda said.

"Can you leave?" said Darren indifferently.

"Last time, if grandfather hadn't come to our house and stopped me, I would have already left," Amanda said.

Darren said, "Don't worry. Someone will stop you before you check in."

Amanda's eyes widened. "Do you dare to stop me again at the airport?"

"If you can rest assured that your uncle is takin

that time. In the past, Amanda was not afraid of her at all. Amanda was bolder as she fought against Rose before. But now, she felt uneasy, because there was an innocent baby in Rose's belly, and it was more because she cared about Darren now. She couldn't allow Darren to be nice to other people.

"I know you don't want to do, but you have to face it," Darren said.

"You can handle it yourself. Why do you have to take me with you?" Amanda pouted.

Darren looked at her coldly and said with a smile, "Mrs. An, do you remember the momentum when you rushed to the hotel on our wedding night?"

Hearing Darren mention the past, Amanda's face darkened. She looked through the window and said, "It was suppressed by Mr. Darren."

"Don't you want it to come back now?" Darren said.

"You want me to counterattack?" Amanda glanced at him.

"I am fighting back with you. You must be aware of being my wife, so that no one can separate us. You should learn from me. If anyone dares to be so close to you, I will kill him," Darren said flatly.

"Do you want me to be an interfering busybody? I don't want to be easily jealous. I can do whatever I want," Amanda said.

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