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   Chapter 220 The Signs Of What Is Beginning To Happen

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"What's wrong with you two?" Alan came up and scolded.

"Nothing, father. I just scolded the servants for forgetting to close my brother's door when the servants were cleaning the room," Nina said with a smile.

A woman said in horror, "I did, I did shut it off, clearly I did."

"You dare to deny that, we all went down just now, there was only you on the second floor. If you didn't clean the room and don't close it, who else could open the door for you? You are so careless, but still won't admit it honestly?" Nina said angrily.

The woman explained in a hurry, "Miss. Nina, it's really not me. I went downstairs after I had the door closed. Someone must have entered and forgotten to close the door. I was not on the second floor just now. If someone could be seen on the second floor, I guess that only Mrs. An who rested in her room could do that. Is it possible that she forgot to close the door?"

"What nonsense are you talking about? Mrs. An is just resting. How could she sneak into my brother's room? There is no one in my brother's room," Nina said angrily.

The woman mumbled, "It is hard to say. After all, we had conflict with her before."

"That's enough. Don't mind irrelevant matters. From now on, you should pay more attention to your work. Now you can leave here," Alan scolded.

The servant immediately went downstairs, feeling wronged.

"Don't make a scene here. We are not polite if you wake her up," Alan added in a low voice.

"Father, I just went upstairs to get my hairpin. Seeing that my brother's door was open, I warned Eda and I went downstairs immediately," Nina said.

Downstairs, Colleen was making tea for Darren and Susie. "The tea father left for us is the best. My collection is not as good as his. Today I take it out for you."

Susie picked up a cup of tea and said with a smile, "It's really good. It smells delicious and rich."

Darren took a sip. He didn't

d. Was it the place where Lionel grew up? But she gave up the idea of going in and having a look. She had better not make trouble for herself when she heard how much Nina cared about this room.

When Darren heard the sound coming downstairs, he lifted his eyes and saw Amanda, who was walking downstairs with sleepy eyes. His eyes were full of tenderness. When Amanda was sitting next to him. He was looking at her and said, "Look at you! You came here as a guest. But you go to sleep by yourself. Don't you feel embarrassed?"

Hearing that Darren was not as serious as he was, Alan smiled and said, "Darren, we are like family. You can do whatever like at our own home. Just enjoy yourself."

"In fact, I'm not so sleepy. But you insisted to ask me to drink. So I drank a lot and feel uncomfortable," Amanda proposed.

"Since you don't know how to drink, why did you ask Mr. Leo for it?" Darren got very angry as he mentioned this matter.

Originally, Amanda was supposed to use her identity as Mrs. An to make friends and build a connection, but unexpectedly, she drank a lot of wine at home and got herself drunk, which made Darren change his mind. He wouldn't allow Amanda to attend the banquet casually. Even when it was brought up now, he still wanted to blame Amanda.

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