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   Chapter 219 An Intentional Provocation

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"That is, cook a good meal for me," Darren said.

With his words, Amanda slumped into her seat. Frowning, she asked, "Are you kidding me?"

"I'm not joking. As the saying goes, a health body is the key to win a fight. If you don't let me have a good rest, I won't have the energy to revenge for you," Darren said.

Amanda was amused. She shook his hand and said, "Okay. I promise you I'll make you whatever you want to eat. I'll help you keep a good body. You have to help me win the fight."

"Yes, sir!" Darren said with a smile.

The car arrived at the gate of the Gu family. Amanda's heart thumped faster in her chest.

However, as Darren said, no one deliberately attacked her. Although they were not so enthusiastic, they were very polite.

She was not like the last time she came here, lonely and helpless, surrounded by coldness and malice.

"Mr. Bruce is still in a poor health. You must be very tired these days. My grandfather often mentions it at home. I just can't bear to see him lying on the bed like this," Darren said flatly in front of Mr. Bruce's bed.

All the people from the Gu family nodded and said, "Of course we know what Mr. Nicholas wants to say. But our father doesn't want Mr. Nicholas to see him like this."

Amanda stood aside. She looked at Mr. Bruce with his eyes closed. He looked tired and looked as if he had fallen asleep. In fact, he wasn't as energetic as he had been at the banquet last time.

There was nothing but sadness on Amanda's face when she saw Mr. Bruce. He used to be very healthy and energetic, but not as energetic as Nicholas. Now he looked so haggard because of the loss of the spirit. With such an affectionate relationship between Lionel and his grandfather, he might be very sad when he saw his grandfather now.

"I've always heard that the garden in the Gu family is the most beautiful. Amanda, let's go there togeth

face or other parts, I cannot imagine what will happen. I'm waiting for her new TV series to shoot. What a pity!" Amanda said in a very regretful tone, smacking her lips.

Nina and Susie looked at each other. Normally, women would be very angry when they heard that their husband preferred other women. But why did Amanda's response was totally different from their expectation?

Amanda yawned and explained, "I had a few drinks at the party, so I'm a little sleepy. You guys continue. I'd better go back."

"It's okay. There is a guest room. Let me take you to rest." With a flattering smile, Nina held Amanda's hand and said.

Susie added, "Right, Amanda, don't leave in such a hurry. Mr. Darren might be having a chat with someone else now."

"I'll go get some rest," Amanda added.

Nina immediately took Amanda to the guest room upstairs. Lay on the bed, Amanda closed her eyes for a while. When she was sleeping in a daze, she heard some noise from the corridor. She opened her eyes and looked at the ceiling, which reminded her of the wall which she saw in Nicholas' villa. On that ceiling, there was a painting. In that painting, there were many little girls in the garden. 'A painting on the ceiling. Nicholas was so thoughtful, ' she thought.

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