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   Chapter 218 A Perfect Revenge

Count On Your Love By Tang Butian Characters: 6075

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Amanda had planned to get rid of this woman, but Darren smiled at Colleen and said, "We're going to visit Mr. Bruce later. Can you do us a favor, Mrs. Colleen?"

Colleen was a little surprised. She looked at Darren and Amanda in surprise. "Are you going to the Gu family?" she asked.

"Darren, I've been back for so long. Why don't you come to see me?" Nina was familiar with Darren, so she spoke to him naturally.

"How long have you been here? I've been busy recently and haven't had time to visit you," Darren said.

Nina looked at Amanda. With a forced smile, she introduced herself, "Is this my sister-in-law? Nice to meet you. I'm Nina. I'm sorry that I didn't come to attend your and Darren's wedding. I hope you don't mind."

Nina was a beautiful and sweet girl. So Amanda had a crush on her. But she was worried about the little girl who was with Colleen, so she just shook hands with her.

"Darren will come to my home. When we get back home, we must ask daddy and mommy to prepare well," Nina said, clapping her hands.

"So, you don't go to work this afternoon, do you?" Susie couldn't help but ask.

"Yes, I will go with Darren to visit Mr. Bruce. Mrs. Colleen, do you mind it?" Amanda said, looking at Colleen as if she was warning her.

Colleen smirked and answered, "Of course I'm enthusiastic about welcoming you. I'm afraid you're too busy to spare time for me. We're all looking forward to seeing you."

Amanda thought of how much evil treatment she had received from the members of the Gu family when she visited the Gu family before. But Colleen thought how could Amanda have the courage to go to see her father.

After thinking for a while, Colleen turned to Susie and said, "Susie, I have always wanted to invite you to my family. And Nina has come back. I don't want to stay

eed to seize the opportunity to solve the problem. Now it's just a minor conflict and difficult to solve it. We only wait for her when she is desperate," Darren said.

"Will this day come?" Amanda blinked her eyes and asked in disbelief. After the Gu family cooperated with the Lin family, Colleen was in high spirits now. After all, both the two families had her shares.

"Of course, and not far, as long as you can calm down, the last blow I let you fight will definitely be the most refreshing counterattack for you," Darren said firmly.

"Really? Then what should I do?" The moment Amanda saw the red sports car, she was thrilled. Colleen had already become her sworn enemy since the first slap in her face. She dared to give her a hard time behind her back.

It would be a cruel thing to hit a high spirited and vigorous woman like her into the bottom of a bottomless abyss. Moreover, Amanda was willing to do that.

Since Colleen was so cruel to Lionel, there was no need for Amanda to show mercy.

"Your task is very important now. Whether you can make it or not depends on you." Looking into the distance, Darren looked serious.

Amanda held her breath and continued to listen carefully.

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