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   Chapter 216 She Is Here

Count On Your Love By Tang Butian Characters: 6619

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Amanda took his hand with a smile. "You're so naughty. Just get off work if you finish reading. Are you distracted if I'm here?"

"Of course I am distracted." As he breathed in her fragrance and heard her voice, he thought it was a wonderful feeling. Darren pinched her waist and said with resignation, "But I can read them slowly. If I read them slower, I will hold you longer."

"Don't pinch my waist. It really itches." Amanda changed to a more comfortable position and nestled in Darren's arms. "I'll take a nap. Call me when you're done." She was quiet while speaking.

"You can sleep in your room if you are sleepy," Darren said.

Amanda shook her head and wrapped her arms around his neck. "I feel quite comfortable sleeping here. Let me see how much attention you can give to me, Mr. An."

'How dare she make fun of me?' Darren thought. Darren lifted her up and walked into the lounge. He dumped Amanda on the bed, his eyes dangerous. "Do you want to see it?"

"Hey, we are in the office." Amanda didn't expect Darren to play such a trick on her.

"So what? We've done it in the office before." Darren didn't take it seriously. He reached out his hand and was about to touch Amanda's clothes. The latter was bashful and anxious, so she grabbed his hand and said, "No, we can't. Go and check the files, Darren. We will have a party later."

"Then what should I do? You are so good at flirting. Now I just want you. I don't want to do anything," Darren said in a teasing tone.

"When we go home, and then we can do what we want at home." Amanda's voice trailed off. It would be embarrassing for her to take the initiative to confess. She whined, clutched the quilt, crawled into it and muttered, "Darren, get out of here."

Seeing that he made Amanda shy, Darren gave out a satisfied smile. As he had got what he wanted, he turned around and left.

Hearing no reply from Darren, Amanda got out of bed. But to her surprise, a man sneaked into the bed and ki

, it tasted good.

Suddenly, Amanda looked up and saw Colleen who was talking to someone not far away. Her face darkened.

Darren followed her gaze and said, "Oh, she's here."

His words infuriated Amanda. Darren said, "This is uncle Tony's golden wedding anniversary. It's normal for the Gu family to come here. Don't be angry."

"I don't want to stay here anymore. Can I leave earlier? I don't have any good mood when I see this woman," Amanda said angrily.

"I've told you it's uncle Tony's golden marriage anniversary. You're my wife and you're much more important than her here. How can you avoid her?" Darren retorted.

Amanda looked at Darren with dissatisfaction.

He patted her and said, "Well, I know you are very angry. We have to keep an appropriate relationship with her, just like your sister."

Amanda murmured, "My sister?"

"Yes, take it easy, just like your sister," Darren comforted her, "There is no use to be brave at present. You know, you have asked them to mind what you did."

"No, my sister. My sister came with Colleen," Amanda added.

Darren looked up and saw Susie, who was in a white dress, talking and laughing with Colleen. And the lady of the Gu family, Nina, she came back not long ago in order to see Nicholas' health. He didn't expect that she was still here.

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