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   Chapter 214 Unexpected Encounter

Count On Your Love By Tang Butian Characters: 6240

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"I have heard from my friends that Nina is getting more and more capable by now. They all praised you as the top of the business field and considered you as your grandfather. They even said that you're stronger than your father," Colleen praised.

"That must say that for your sake. If I go there alone, I'm not sure how they will say to me," Nina said in a hurry.

Colleen was amused and intended to go shopping with Nina. If she liked anything, Colleen would buy her anything. She loved her niece very much.

"Nina, what did Dr. Zhao say? How's your grandfather?" Colleen asked when they were shopping.

Nina took her hand, smiled and said, "Dr. Zhao said that grandfather lost his consciousness because of excessive anger. It was a chronic disease and he needed to recuperate slowly. He can't be anxious at any moment."

Colleen nodded and said, "Yes, exactly."

"Ah, I meet an acquaintance, Susie." When Nina saw a beautiful woman get out of a sports car, she immediately waved to her and shouted.

Susie had to come to the bank to meet the client manager. When she heard someone calling her from behind, she turned around in surprise and said to Nina, "Nina, why are you here?" If she remembered correctly, Nina was still studying in France at the moment.

With a smile, Nina answered, "I've only been back for a period of time. I didn't expect to meet you here."

Susie nodded. Colleen looked at Susie and frowned, "You are from the Cheng family? What's your relationship with Amanda?"

Susie looked at Colleen and answered with a smile, "Nice to meet you, Mrs. Colleen. I'm Amanda's cousin. She is my uncle's daughter. My name is Susie."

Colleen smiled, "Oh, you two are so beautiful. I can't believe my eyes."

Susie smiled, "You're too kind."

"How do you know me? I should have met someone as outstanding as you earlier," Colleen as

heng and let Susie follow the question of additional investment. As long as we make the statement of this quarter better, it's not difficult for Mr. Zheng to take out investment."

"That's great! We don't need to cut down our profit. But I need you to contact with the clients first, and then Susie will take over," Charles smiled and said.

"Okay, I'll tell you when I'm done," Amanda nodded.

"Well, you have been working hard these days. Susie is always out of sight. I don't know what she is busy with." Charles complained subconsciously after he handed her the document.

"She went to meet a client today. I saw her leave after I came here this morning," Amanda explained.

Charles was stunned and said, "How dare she go to see her client? Her nose is so swollen that it needs a lot of face powder to cover it."

Noticing the surprised look on Amanda's face, Charles found it funny. Perhaps he wanted to share Susie's embarrassment with others. So he said, "You don't know yet? Last night your sister came back with a red and swollen nose. She looked like someone who hit her nose with a fist. But she insisted that she played a ball by herself. But I don't believe it. Who would be so stupid to hit her own nose like that?"

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