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   Chapter 210 The Biggest Concession

Count On Your Love By Tang Butian Characters: 6312

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Not until then did Sophie realize that she had been fooled. She shook her head helplessly and mumbled, "who of us is involved in this matter?"

Sophie sighed and said nothing. After she finished cleaning the house, she recalled what she had said. She didn't expect that Darren was setting a trap for pacifying Amanda, which made her feel uneasy and uncomfortable. She wondered whether she could be a part of the family too.

Maggie returned home after she was persuaded by Sophie. She was worried about her mom, so her mind was occupied by nothing but worry. Henry thought that she was not having fun today, so he asked with concern, "what's wrong? You seemed to have tasted a very delicious dish, but what you had eaten was just cockroach in the end. Your helpless expression made your face look very big. Come on, put it away."

If she had chopsticks in her hand at that time, she would have stabbed him with them with her chopsticks. She hated this man so much because he always said something unfriendly. Now she was not in a good mood and had no time to talk to him. Lying on the bed, she looked at the address list, rolled over and over again. She cried out from time to time, "I don't know if I should make a call, but Sophie doesn't want me to disturb them now. Their relationship is restoring. I'd better not intervene too much. I'm so confused. "

Maggie struggled for a while and then fell asleep. But Henry didn't care about her complaints at all, because she would behave too enthusiastic whenever she felt something wrong, which could not be ignored by others. There was no such peace like now.

He pulled Maggie to the bed and saw her sleeping after the bath. Thinking of her hot temper when she was awake, he felt that she was not alone now.

His hand caressed her belly, which felt a little cold. Maggie went to bed and pulled his hand away from her belly, murmurin

the way, I saw Susie today." Amanda proposed.

"Don't you see her every day?" Said Darren.

"I'm not looking at her working in the Cheng Group. I'm at a playing club, which is the one opposite to my house," she explained.

"It seems that she went there frequently. Since I gave her the resting room last time, I don't think she is so foolish as to give you a hard time outside."

Amanda couldn't help but laugh out loud when she recalled what had happened there.

Seeing her in a bad mood, Darren was worried that she was still holding the grudge for what had happened in the past. He didn't expect that Amanda didn't care about what he said at all. He walked to her and hugged her in his arms. In a low voice, he said, "Amanda, have you ever thought about what is going to happen to Rose's baby?"

"Will you insist on keeping him?"

Darren thought for a while and said, "It's really unfair to you to keep him. I know that you are looking forward to the family too. I will ask her to abort the baby, because for the sake of our family, I really can't afford to burden his future life."

Suddenly, the idea struck her as she tilted her head to look at Darren. "Are you gonna let her abort the baby?" She asked.

Darren said, "yes, I will."

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