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   Chapter 209 Lin family's Brother And Sister

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It was getting dark outside. There were no stars or moon. The sky was covered with dark clouds. He felt upset and had a lot of thoughts in her mind, unable to see anything.

Gregorio walked slowly along the stone road. There were wounds all over his face and body, but he didn't want to go to the hospital to get his things done. He didn't like to be noticed or asked about anything.

He could only think of Amanda, who was drinking fiercely at the bar counter. The news of Rose's pregnancy had such a big impact on her. She was no longer the silly vice president who always wore a forced smile and didn't care about anything at all. He thought of what he had seen in his eyes. Even though Gregorio didn't want to make a hasty conclusion, he had to say that Amanda really liked Darren. That's why I feel so sad when it involves him.

However, he sighed. He thought of the call from Darren and the fact that Darren didn't send anyone to spy on them after he chased them. Amanda thought he had got rid of Darren, but in fact there were many people watching her at that time, including when she walked into this bar. And Gregorio was arranged by Darren on purpose. During this conflict, those men all molested and took advantage of her. And it was also his arrangement to fight with Darren.

The reason why she did this was to ease his conflict with Amanda. He wanted everyone to cooperate with her.

Gregorio was the main character. In order to play the fine manner of the main character, he was defeated by exhaustion. He forced a smile. When he saw Amanda, he didn't want her to fall into the trap of Darren. He persuaded her to leave because he didn't understand Amanda. On the contrary, she said nasty things to him. He just thought she was joking with him. Then he watched Amanda walk into Darren's calculations.

In Gregorio


"I've never seen you praise a person so sincerely. What's more, it's a woman. And this woman is not my future sister-in-law."

"Nothing is impossible. Why are you so depressed? In your brother's eyes, even if I wants to find a wife, she wouldn't be so bad." Replied Gregorio.

"But how can I hide this from Nicholas? You need to see him tomorrow. You can't hide it from him." Sophie said in a worried tone.

"Why did I hide it from he? If he wants to know, just let him know. That's his grandson, his granddaughter in law. I just want to help Mr. Darren return to the right path. What's wrong with me?"

"I'm just worried that Mr. Darren would displease Nicholas."

"So you're not worried about me. But don't worry too much. It's not good for you." Gregorio shook his head and made fun of her, but from his expression, he was somewhat disapproving of her attitude.

"Brother, you think too much. I'm just worried that it may affect the work of the An Group." Explained Sophie hurriedly.

Gregorio picked up his coat, stood up and said, "What are you thinking about? I'm talking about work. Well, it's late now. Go to bed early. Maybe he will cause you some trouble tomorrow." Then he went into the room.

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