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   Chapter 205 Leave Me Alone

Count On Your Love By Tang Butian Characters: 6530

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"There are so many disgusting things and people for you. Why are you being so tolerant to those who are holding Sheryl's life? You should be thankful that I didn't make a huge mistake. Why are you being so mean to me?" Darren said calmly.

"You!" The mention of Sheryl made Amanda more furious. Amanda shook off his hand and broke free from his grasp. "Fine, I'm not capable. I'm just angry. Leave if you can. You can marry any woman as long as you want. Why are you wasting time on a useless woman like me?" she said.

"Calm down," said Darren.

"How do you expect me to calm down?" Amanda looked at him with tears in her eyes. She bit her pink lips and looked at Darren with tears. "Don't worry, Darren. I will never feel sad for someone like you."

"No way." He grabbed her hand and said, "I think you should let me explain it to you."

Amanda added coldly, "You don't have to explain to me. Just do what you want."

"If you don't want to hear my explanation, then why are you angry with me?" asked Darren.

"Yes, I am. Only now did I realize how stupid it was to be angry. Please let me go. I want to get off," Amanda said to the driver.

The taxi driver heard that they had a fierce quarrel and was afraid that they would fight in the car. He found a place where they could park the car. As soon as Darren got out of the car, the taxi driver shouted, "There is the fare."

Then Darren threw the packages of money to the driver.

He pulled Amanda aside. Amanda sneered, "Money makes the mare go."

"Yes, you have to accept your fate if you don't have any money," Darren said firmly.

"You!" She stood at the roadside with a cold face. "Don't follow me."

"Amanda, what happened just now was only an accident." Darren said, "Don't misunderstand, there's no need to misunderstand. If I really want to be entangled with Rose, she wouldn't have said something like that just now. Moreover, if I really want to hide something from

urry. She was a noble woman. She didn't stand to lose to such a nobody like Amanda.

"Bah, no matter how sad I am, it's not your turn to show off." Amanda got up and punched her aching legs. At the sight of the bright lights in a bar, many people came inside to have fun.

Amanda had no place to go anyway. She went straight into the hall. It was not until she entered that she heard the deafening rock sound and the shouts of people. She wasn't used to it at first, but then she felt relieved and even a bit wild.

She sat on the bar counter. The bartender brought her a cup of vodka. Then she sat on the bar counter and slowly drank some. The spicy taste in her throat slowly slipped into her stomach. A drop of tear came out of the corner of her eye. She couldn't help but get angry when she thought of the scene that Darren fell on the bed with Rose. She was mad at Darren because he couldn't control himself. If she was not there, if Sophie didn't call for Darren, he might sleep with Rose behind her back.

Right? Her phone rang. As the screen lit up, tears fell down from her eyes. She grabbed her phone and threw it into the wine. The screen went black after a few blinks. Amanda grabbed it and threw it into the trash can. She asked the bartender to fill another glass of wine for her.

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