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   Chapter 203 The Unexpected Love

Count On Your Love By Tang Butian Characters: 6103

Updated: 2020-02-23 00:32

Amanda pushed the door and walked in. There was a small living room, and there was no noise when she opened the door. But she heard faintly crying inside. Maggie closed the door behind her without making any sound.

The two people stood in the living room, without making a sound. They were standing in the middle of a wall, and the door was lightly closed. It was easy to hear the whimper of Rose.

"Is there anything wrong?" Darren said in a mild tone.

"Darren, how can you have the heart to separate me from my son? That child is also my child. How can you have the heart to take him away?" Rose said, sobbing.

When she finally woke up, she was very happy to see Darren by her side, but Darren kept telling her that she could give birth to the child and then let his family raise it. His family would give her a large sum of money, letting her live comfortably in the rest of her life.

How could it be possible? But she would never agree to such a condition. Her child was her only gambling object. She wanted to be Darren's wife. If she could not get that seat, she would lose everything. So she refused to give in, nor could she agree. She could only cry in front of Darren and begged for mercy, hoping that he would change his mind.

"Rose, we are both grown-ups. Crying can't solve any problem, and I can't marry you. I can give you anything you want," Darren said.

Looking at him, she said, "Don't worry, Darren. I want nothing. I only want you. I love you so much, and I'm more beautiful than Amanda. I had been with you before. Why did you have to abandon me, the baby in my belly?"

"I'm not going to leave the baby. I don't want to. That's why I'm here to talk to you," Darren said with a frown.

"Did Amanda force you to break up with me?" Rose was sitting on the bed, pale, with her shoulders

you because she has seen enough."

Darren pushed Maggie away and chased her out. He gave Sophie a wink and Maggie was going to stop him. Seeing this, Sophie grabbed her and said, "Miss. Maggie, let the two of them deal with this on their own."

"You're Mr. An's good assistant. No wonder you waited outside early. Are you on the same side with Rose?" Maggie looked at Sophie and asked.

"I'm just Mr. Darren's assistant. I know nothing about this," Sophie explained.

If it weren't for the fact that Amanda had told Maggie how much Sophie cared for her, Maggie would've slapped her in the face. "Let go of me. I'm so worried about Amanda. I'm going to take a look," she said to Sophie.

"You can't see her no matter how you are worried about her. It's just an accident. As a bystander, we can clear our minds, but a relationship is out of feelings. Only Mr. Darren can comfort Amanda. Amanda feels angry because she loves Mr. Darren," Sophie said quickly.

"What the hell is going on?" Maggie did not continue to chase, and Amanda was probably too far away to catch up. She turned around and walked into the inner room. Seeing Maggie come in, Rose laid on the bed calmly and showed a smile, "It's you."

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