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   Chapter 202 Go To Visit Her

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"No, you're wrong. There are many benefits to wear a ring," Maggie said.

"For example?" Amanda asked.

Maggie waved her hand and said, "Beating people is extremely painful, because the diamond is used as an assistant."

"Oh, it turns out to be a fight. I don't need a ring. But you remind me to stay away from those women with diamond rings. Luckily, Colleen didn't wear a ring when she beat me. Otherwise, my face would be disfigured," Amanda said, rubbing her forehead.

"This old woman is too despicable. She hit you without consideration and was taught a lesson by Mr. Nicholas. But she doesn't dare to go to Mr. Nicholas for revenge. Instead, she will hold you tight and set you up. You didn't do anything, did you?" Maggie took a big gulp of seafood porridge and said angrily.

"You're right. When I saw she and Darren were in the office and she asked Darren to give her more benefit, I couldn't stand it anymore. I fought with her and grabbed the coffee, throwing it on her," Amanda said.

"Well done!" Maggie liked this kind of simple confrontation. When she heard that Amanda really went up to beat it, she clapped her hands with satisfaction.

Amanda said, "After the slap, I was more furious with Darren. At that time, I doubted that it was all done by him and felt terrible. Thinking of what Lionel had suffered, I just wanted to look for him. However, Nicholas came and I didn't leave."

"It seems that Mr. Nicholas is very kind to you. He gave you such a valuable bracelet and helped you take it back. He wanted you to be the vice president of the An Group," Maggie said.

Amanda heaved a deep sigh and added, "Actually there are two people that I'm afraid of the most. One is my uncle because he has Sheryl in his hands. The other is Darren's grandfather. His grandfather is so unpredictable that you can't imagine what he will do to me. Darren had warned me that if I go against his will, I won't have any chance to get back at him."

Maggie opened her eyes wide in surprise, and then said with a sigh of re

I come in later?" In the past, Amanda didn't fear of scheming against Rose, and what made her more confident was enough to deal with all kinds of difficulties from her. But now that she was chosen by Darren, she became softhearted to her all of a sudden, and she didn't have the heart to do anything.

"Just tell her that you knew she had an accident. You come here to look after her as if you're looking at an ordinary patient," Maggie said, "You just wanted to prove your existence."

When Sophie heard the footsteps, she curiously turned to look at the direction where Darren was. A dash of pleasure flashed across her face as she stood up and greeted, "Hello, Mrs. An."

"Sophie, why are you here? Did Darren tell you to come?" Amanda asked in surprise.

"Mr. Darren just finished a meeting. I heard from the hospital that Miss. Su didn't feel well, so I came here to have a look," Sophie smiled.

Amanda looked at her and said, "You mean, Darren is also here?"

Sophie nodded.

Amanda and Maggie looked at each other. Maggie hurriedly said, "That's great. We're coming together."

In fact, Amanda had come out of her mind to retreat, but she had already come here. Was she going to retreat like this? Maggie didn't want Amanda to leave. There were only the two of them in the room. It was very dangerous. She had to go in and have a look.

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