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   Chapter 199 To Play A Show

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"Amanda, since when have you become so timid? If you don't embarrass her, or she will only be more proud." Maggie clenched her fists in anger and said, "You don't need to worry. I'll help you vent your anger."

"Maggie, I just want to play a ball at ease. Why do you have to make a scene? Things have not yet been figured out, and it is so uncontrollable. Do you want me to go on?" Seeing that she was about to rush out, Amanda quickly stopped her and said anxiously.

Maggie looked at Amanda, and said, "Will you just stand it?"

Amanda felt helpless. Then she grabbed Maggie's hand and whispered in her ear, "I really didn't expect that Darren would give her this. But Darren is really kind to my uncle's family for me. After all, he has Sheryl. Do you understand?"

"Do you mean that Darren takes care of your uncle for the sake of your brother?" Maggie heard this and calmed down.

Amanda continued to tell the lie, "This is only temporary. We are sure to take Sheryl back. First, let my uncle relax his vigilance. Don't make things difficult for him. After all, you're my friend. If he can't deal with this matter properly, he will think that I'm making trouble for him."

Maggie patted her on the shoulder and sighed, "You have suffered a lot. Your uncle's family was so selfish. They threatened you with your younger brother. If you need any help, just tell me."

"I know you always support me. But don't act on impulse. Let's play tennis," Amanda said.

After she consoled Maggie, Amanda finally got some relief.

"But I didn't expect these waiters to be so rude." Maggie felt slightly uncomfortable when she heard them speak ill of grace. She wanted to speak for grace, but she was stopped by Amanda.

"If you want to get my reputation back, that's easy," Amanda added. She removed the ear stud, put it into a vase and smiled to Maggie. "Fine."

"What?" Maggie didn't know what she was going to do. "I'll make a good show for you next," Amand

ows this must be a very expensive diamond. I didn't expect it to be lost when I changed my clothes." Although Amanda said the sky high price, her tone was still flat, as if the sky high price earrings were not so terrible in her eyes.

'The heiress of the rich family, ' Maggie thought herself.

The waiters under the club who looked for them bit their lips. Their faces were not so good. They lost such expensive earrings. Although they were not responsible for it, the rules in the club were always strict. This time if they could not find the thief, they were likely to be fired, not to mention that Amanda was Darren's wife.

"Oh, I have found it!" Someone exclaimed in surprise. She noticed that the leaves in the vase were a little white, and then she took the flowers out. As expected, she saw a crystal ear ring lying there. Everyone felt relieved at once and looked at each other. They didn't expect that there was a pair of earrings in the vase. Someone must do it on purpose.

Maggie's heart sank. She was afraid that they could tell it was done by Amanda. After all, the earrings couldn't be placed in the vase no matter how they fell. It must be done by someone on purpose.

"Oh, it's here. Why is it here?" Amanda took the ear stud. She didn't look happy, instead, she looked even angrier.

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