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   Chapter 194 The Dreamy Wedding Dress Shop

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"Miss. Maggie, please follow me." The designer smiled to them and took Maggie to the second floor. There was a white cloth covering the middle of a room on the second floor. The designer smiled and said, "Miss. Maggie, this white cloth is your wedding dress. Please open it yourself."

Amanda took her purse and gave her a push. "Go check what it is under the cover now. I've heard you for a long time, and I'm looking forward to it."

Maggie only looked at the drawing before, and had no idea what the whole drawing was. Looking at the white cloth, she could not help but feel a little excited. She went up and slowly pulled the white cloth open, and a beautiful wedding dress appeared in their eyes.

The pure lotus pattern was embroidered on its chest, and its waist was tightened. The fishtail line naturally loosened, and a trace of water blue gauze was drawn out from its chin, which seemed to be stained with wave. The waist was tied with a waist inlaid with pearls, and the shoulder exposed design was also decorated with small white gauze petals, layer upon layer.

Amanda was stunned, let alone Maggie. "Maggie, have a try. I'm looking forward to seeing you in this dress. You must be the most beautiful bride," she said hurriedly.

"Really?" Maggie carefully took off the wedding dress and held it in her hands into the fitting room. Meanwhile, Amanda took this opportunity to see if there were other beautiful wedding dresses. After all, the internal design of the wedding dress was quite complicated. So the designer helped Maggie dress it.

Amanda walked along the house. She had to admit that the designer was talented and had won several awards of famous design competitions. Although she had tried to keep a low profile, the designer who had invited by Henry must be an excellent one.

"Which one do you like, Miss?" The designer came out to look at Amanda who were walking over, and asked with a smile.

Amanda chuckled, "I like them both. B

you didn't tell me? Did he bully you again?"

"What are you thinking about?" Seeing that Maggie was so nervous as if she was facing a formidable enemy, Amanda didn't know whether to cry or to laugh. "Even though he would be annoying sometimes, he never lose his temper."

The thought of the horrible things Amanda had experienced made Maggie scared. When she saw the casual expression on Amanda's face, she couldn't help but ask, "Have you forgotten what happened in the past? Don't you remember the days you were in hospital?"

"I didn't forget it, but it was not him who did it. In fact, we had a quarrel, and I got the upper hand. You could only see that he yelled at me. I had hit his head with an ashtray, and I had also stabbed him in his chest. In fact, he was badly injured than I was," Amanda said.

Shocked by what she said, Maggie shivered and said, "Don't scare me. Are you sure it was you who did something to Darren? He didn't do anything to you? Honey, I know you are always very fierce. But you don't have to be so fierce."

"Even though I don't look as fierce as you are. If he pushes me too hard, he might feel pain," Amanda said.

Maggie nodded in approval. "That's what Henry said. He said that you were really a tough woman and that I was an outwardly strong but inwardly weak."

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