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   Chapter 191 A Real Master

Count On Your Love By Tang Butian Characters: 6514

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"What's wrong? Your wife broke my egg. Pay for it." The woman looked at the clothes of Gregorio and Amanda. She could tell that they were rich people. The diamond necklace which Amanda wore was very expensive. So she determined to blackmail them.

Amanda looked at Gregorio. He asked, "How do you want to fix it? We can give you money. How much do you want? I have seen the price of this egg is 20 per kg, and 1kg include 15 to 16 eggs. Since we broke one egg of you. Strictly speaking, the price of an egg's retail should be 1.3. To show our apology, we can increase the price and compensate you with 1.5. What do you think?"

The woman heard what Gregorio said and thought that she was taking advantage of him, but she was still nervous. She nodded her head and took the money and then left.

Looking at Amanda who was gawking at him, Gregorio smiled and said, "It's time to go home."

With a big grin, she said sincerely, "Gregorio, you're better than me and Darren."

"Have you ever experienced dealing with middle-aged women?" Gregorio replied.

Amanda nodded her head. Compared with him, she was too stupid to take out five dollars. And 100 dollars from Darren was so silly.

"Because when my sister was at school, we couldn't afford to buy too many food. We used to do it very carefully," Gregorio replied flatly.

Darren had mentioned it before. With the financial support of the An Group, Gregorio and Sophie were able to complete their studies. Even after they graduated, they gave up their highly paid jobs and worked in the An Group, which made Nicholas trust them very much.

When he talked about the past, there was not much sadness on his face. Instead, he was a little nostalgic. "At that time, those aunts were strong. They actually give me short weight. But they always said I took the advantage. In fact, she took advantage of it, but I had to compete with them. Otherwise, I would not have enough money to buy food.

can I stop to eat? We don't have the baby yet."

Amanda's face immediately turned red. She pinched his arm and scolded, "How dare you speak nonsense in front of grandfather?"

"Are you sure? I've left the question for you. If you can't answer it, you'll be punished tonight," Darren changed the topic.

"You're too harsh on me. Do you have any reward for me?" Amanda complained.

"What reward do you want?" In fact, he thought it was unnecessary for Amanda to ask him. He would give her whatever she wanted. However, he was glad to see that Amanda haggled with him for something she wanted. As long as he could play the coquetry with her, nothing would be better.

After thinking for a while, Amanda asked tentatively, "Is everything okay?"

He nodded, "Anything."

"It turns out that you are lying to me." Amanda shook off his hand and complained, "You big liar! I don't believe you anymore!"

Darren didn't get it. He asked subconsciously, "What's wrong? Why did I lie to you?"

"I don't know who had said he would give me whatever I want. But now he changed his mind. If I couldn't meet his requirements, he wouldn't agree my demands," Amanda said.

Darren didn't know whether to cry or to laugh. "I just want to encourage you. Aren't you in a better mood to try guessing?"

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