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   Chapter 189 Do You Really Hate Me

Count On Your Love By Tang Butian Characters: 6398

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"Amanda." Darren shouted, "Do you think a man who can abandon you today for the sake of his family won't abandon you tomorrow? No matter why it happened, can't you see what Lionel chose? No matter how many times, you are the one who is abandoned. No one can give up everything for the sake of love. "

"We only love each other. We don't need to pay for anything. Loving someone doesn't mean being against the whole world." "You guys forced me to do this. "She added tearfully.

Darren raised his hand and hugged her. The latter grabbed his shoulder and bit him hard. Then he said in a choked voice, "Darren, I hate you. I hate you." But that cry was full of helplessness and pain.

"I've told you that a game in the business world can't be affectionate. I could have been more ruthless to Lionel and forced Gu family out of the An Group." "But I didn't. I'm afraid you'll hate me for that, so I failed."

On hearing this, Amanda immediately stopped crying. She looked at Darren blankly and asked, "what do you mean?"

"With my methods, I will do more ruthlessly with my means." Darren said, "if I really want to take action, I can't only do this. If you really believe in me, you should be clear that this time it is not me who take action this time. I just keep silent and want to see how much Lionel can pay for what he has said to you. I admit that when I have the chance to stop the photos from being taken, they are also willing to sell them to me, but I didn't. "

Amanda looked at Darren and the latter also looked at her. Darren said, "No matter how you hate me, my principle is that to steal my woman, you must be strong enough to defeat me, then be strong enough to protect my woman, He was clearly unqualified."

Amanda was at a loss for words. Catching her shoulder, he asked, "do you hate me?"

At that moment, there seemed to be a touch of sadness in the man's eyes which had never been

you go back to the company like this?" Said Darren.

"I need to go back to the Cheng Group and ask for a week's leave." Johnny proposed.

"Why do you need a week's leave?"

"To America." Then she looked determined and said without hesitation.

Darren with a little displeased. "Are you going to find him?"

"Actually, Josie came to me once and said that the whole thing was designed by Gu family. She also suspected Gu family, but she didn't expect it was her. I didn't expect you to actually contact her." As she spoke, he threw a sad look at Amanda. Hugging her tightly, he added, "I want to explain to you. Colleen knew that I had acquiesced, but he wanted me to take the blame because our relationship was going so well."

"And then you will really take the blame?" Amanda rolled her eyes at the man.

"If money can buy your heart, I will definitely buy it." He bit her ears on purpose, which amused Amanda. She immediately stepped back and blushed, "don't be naughty."

"I won't get back together with Lionel anymore, and it's impossible for me to do so. After all, I'm your wife now." Moreover, Josie has given up her position as the general manager of the Xia Group and went there with Lionel. The reason why Colleen did this is to take revenge on me."

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