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   Chapter 182 How To Deal With It

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It was gradually dark outside, and Rose woke up from her coma with a groan of pain.

"Don't move." Hearing a familiar voice, she was shocked. She looked up at Darren, who was sitting on the side. Her eyes were suddenly filled with tears. "I didn't see it wrong. Is that you? Darren?"

"Don't cry. Take good care of yourself. Your left shoulder is badly injured," Darren said.

"I know." She tried to wear a smile on her lips and nodded.

Looking at her bitter smile, an idea came to his mind. Darren said, "Have a good rest. If you need anything, just go for Sophie."

"I'm fine." Rose said, "I felt like nothing happened when I saw you."

Darren frowned, "You have a good rest. I'm going back to the company to check what's going on."

Rose nodded. The accident did not only happen on her own. The actress company she had signed would influence the performance as she was going to join a new group very soon. And there were a lot of things to be dealt with in Darren's company. Watching him turn around and leave, Rose closed her eyes.

In fact, he had planned to ask her about the baby after she woke up, but he swallowed the words on the tip of his tongue, because he didn't know what he would do if she admitted the existence of the baby.

"Mr. Darren, the accident has been identified. A new lighting specialist coming from the company neglected when she fixed the shelf, causing the light to fall down when it was switched in the middle of the road." When Darren went back to his office, Sophie reported to Darren hurriedly.

"What did you do? You can't allow mistakes with such a serious matter. This is just someone's left shoulder. If you hurt someone's head, are we still going to open our company?" He thumped the table and said angrily, "Fire her and send a lawyer's letter to get her paid."

Sophie bowed her head and left in a hurry.

Suddenly, his phone screen lit up. He looked at the picture on it which was taken by him whi

lot of insurance money. However, Sophie knew that the reason behind this was not for money, but for Rose. She wanted to make her feel better, so she shook her hand and said, "Then you just take good care of yourself, and don't worry about anything else. Mr. Darren will arrange everything. He won't put you in a dilemma."

Rose nodded.

The office was filled with smoke. The end of the cigarette, with its red head, flickered in the darkness for a few times and was stubbed out.

Darren had never smoked so much before. He didn't like to smoke, but smoking was the only way to kill his time. Standing here, he didn't know whether he should drive home or go to the hospital next. He had arranged Sophie to the hospital and he could go back home.

But he couldn't figure out the baby in Rose's belly, so he guessed that he might not feel comfortable when he went back. He thought for a while and finally got up and walked out of the An Group. He stepped on the accelerator and drove the car to the hospital.

"Thank you for looking at me. Go ahead with your business." Sophie stayed here and talked with her for a while, and then Rose said.

"Then I'll come back to see you tomorrow. Have a good rest," said Sophie. She opened the door and found Darren standing outside. She exclaimed, "Mr. Darren."

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