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   Chapter 177 Why Is She Here

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With a pale face, Susie was very excited. She held Tessa's hand and said, "Mother, do you know who I saw? Last time you said that you wanted a sightseeing villa with fine view, and you were reluctant to give it up without making an appointment. But last night, the owner of the house told me that you can go there whenever you want and you can buy whichever you like."

With a smile, the Tessa continued, "Silly girl, you should know that who you are going to flatter. You are the sister of Mr. Darren's wife, whom they are most willing to flatter. They dare not to flatter you unless they are stupid."

Susie's mobile phone rang. She immediately went over to read the message and quickly jumped up to pick out the clothes to go out.

"Haven't you already asked for leave? Where are we going?" Tessa asked when they saw Susie going out.

Susie continued with a smile, "Mother, Darren's friend invited me to his newly bought villa for a vacation."

"You'd better not go," Tessa said cautiously.

Susie said, "Mother, what are you thinking about? Everyone is going there, including Mr. Darren."

When Tessa heard that Mr. Darren would also go, she breathed a sigh of relief and said with porridge on the table, "Have some congee. You should stay warm."

"No need for that. They're already on the way. I'm going to go now." Susie picked a few clothes, picked one with great satisfaction and quickly drove out. Tessa shook her head helplessly. Her daughter was already big enough to be disobedient, but she really wanted to buy that villa, and Susie's ability made her satisfactory.

"What is Susie going to do?" Simon did not go to the company today, and he planned to rest at home for a day. He was somewhat dissatisfied with Susie coming back so late last night. Seeing that she did not have a good rest, he was more dissatisfied and came to ask Tessa.

Tessa smiled, "Why are you so agitated? Anyway, it's not a bad thing at all

hem back from the company," Amanda argued.

"I brought another guy with me," Darren said.

"What?" Amanda looked around and saw a pile of green marshmallow on the table. Each of them was as big as an adult's fist and looked good.

"You can guess," Darren said.

Amanda pouted, "No."

The sound of slippers coming downstairs shocked Amanda.

Susie was wearing a light pink bathrobe. She was drying her hair with a towel. She saw Amanda sitting in the living room and was surprised by what she heard. With a gloating smile, she said, "Oh, my God! You must be tired after a whole day's work. Do you want to take a break?"

'Susie? Why did she show up here in bathrobe?' Amanda thought. Amanda thought that she was starting to hallucinate. Then she turned to look at Darren. But Susie's words made her realize that it was not her hallucination. Darren said, "Susie's car broke down. We played the ball games just now."

"Okay," Amanda nodded without saying anything.

Susie walked over, sat on the sofa and said with a smile, "I feel much better after taking a bath. Do you want to try it, Mr. Darren?"

"Yes," Darren said. Then he went upstairs.

Without knowing what was going to do, Amanda said to Susie, "I'll go upstairs and get changed. You can sit here for a while."

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