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   Chapter 172 Do You Plan To Help Me At Such A Distant Restaurant

Count On Your Love By Tang Butian Characters: 6520

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"What's wrong?" Asked Darren.

"How dare you ask me? You started all this." Then she went upstairs languidly.

After the dishes were done, Amanda went downstairs in her housecoat. To her surprise, she saw Darren in the kitchen. At the same time, the kitchen was still steaming. He stirred the food in a manner as if he was going to stir it.

Was it because Darren had learned how to cook for a long time? But there was no smell in the air. Driven by curiosity, he moved forward and saw Darren stirring the soup with a spoon and there was no rice in the pot.

"What are you doing?" Stirring water with a spoon? There was a moment of silence. She didn't understand what he was implying behind.

"Can't I cook by heating the water in advance?" Said Darren lightly as he turned around to see her.

"Who told you that?" "Besides, you should put the rice in first," she added.

"Okay." Darren looked around and asked, "Where is rice?"

"Here." Amanda took one spoon of rice out of the bowl, and then Darren took another and poured it directly into the pot. He asked, "how about this?"

"We need to wash the rice first."

"What's meaning?" Darren raised his eyebrows and said, "Why so much trouble?"

"Yes, it's troublesome. Let me tell you, when someone said men didn't have to come into the kitchen, I didn't mean you didn't have to cook. I just thought you guys were stupid. Coming in will only add to the chaos. So you have to be self-aware." Said Amanda with a serious look, hands akimbo.

"I've never seen someone so brazen to twist other people's original intention." The corner of his mouth twitched. "Women are difficult to get along with. Are you saying you are too fragile to be raised easily?"

"You are so smart, you are worth teaching." With an approving smile, he patted Darren on the shoulder and said, "I won't let you go with us since you have made a right decision. I won't let you work. Go and sit there and

know it for the first time, so I came here to help her," he said with a smile.

"You can drink instead of her. But it needs to be doubled." There is no high or low on the wine field, only desperate to persuade wine. Amanda was dumbstruck to see Darren pick it up and drink two bottles without changing color.

"Don't take it next time." He seemed to stare at her with reproachful eyes.

Amanda stuck her tongue out and placed a piece of fruit in front of his mouth. "Take a bite," she said.

Darren opened his mouth and hesitated. He began to urge her to drink again.

Suddenly, the phone rang. The room was a mess. She took it out and found it was Susie. She didn't know where they were, so she called her.

Amanda picked Susie up. She looked gorgeous in her black off the shoulder dress. There was a purple crystal glow on her neck.

After all, they had arrived at Darren's place. Even though Susie was impatient with her, she still had to be polite to her. She asked in a gentle voice, "have you all arrived?"

"Well, they are all about to start drinking." "If you don't come here now, he will think it's because I didn't invite you with sincere," she added.

"I was stuck in a traffic jam on my way here. It's Mr. Darren's shop. How could I refuse him?" Susie explained.

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