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   Chapter 157 I'm Better Than Her

Count On Your Love By Tang Butian Characters: 7075

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"You don't know? You don't know anything? Why do you come to me? Only after you figure out the process, you can seek justice for others," Josie said.

"I only knew that you were engaged to Lionel, so I came here to ask you curiously," Maggie said.

"Maggie, it's too rash of you. You should take care for not being used by others," Josie said coldly.

"I understand your advice, but not everyone deserves me to do this. For my best friend, I'd like to do my best to protect her. Being a pawn does not mean anything. But what on earth happened?" Maggie said without hesitation, and then asked with concern.

"You don't even know what happened to her. Why didn't Amanda tell you what had happened?" Josie asked.

As Amanda and Maggie were good friends, Amanda would certainly tell Maggie what had happened. Even though Maggie couldn't do anything, she could comfort Amanda. Moreover, she was going to marry Henry, so she certainly could do something for Amanda.

But as Maggie responded, she knew nothing about it. So Josie got up and took the newspapers she left for her.

Maggie took over the newspaper. She was shocked by the news reported on the front page. The newspaper was so bold that it even revealed the photo of Amanda and Lionel. The photo was blurred, with the title that indicated the key words of betray, secret affairs and so on. But in fact, there was nothing else except their holding hands.

Although they were just holding hands, Amanda was dangerous because she was the daughter-in-law of the An Group. Although the handsome man's face was covered simply, people who were familiar with him could recognize Lionel.

"Oh my God!" Maggie covered her mouth with her hand, trembling with fear. She didn't expect that someone would spread such a piece of news. Who did it? The An family wouldn't let Amanda go! Let alone Darren. She opened the second one in a hurry. It was a picture of Darren and Amanda. In the picture, Darren stood beside the car and helped to organize the clothes of Amanda. Although it was a sneak photo, it wrote that the couple of the An Group took an int

ted. If Darren didn't eat, she could eat them all.

In the afternoon, Maggie made a call to her, "Give me a break, would you like to have afternoon tea with me?"

"Okay," Amanda agreed without hesitation. There was nothing important to deal with in the company. When she arrived at the appointed place, she saw Maggie wearing a pale yellow dress with lemon flowers. Maggie looked quiet and delicate, and only when she opened her mouth would she reveal her nature.

"Come and sit down. The desserts of this restaurant are very delicious, and Henry has recommended them to me," Maggie said. She had ordered many desserts on the table. She asked Amanda to have a seat.

"You're in such a good mood. I don't believe that you invite me to have some desserts," Amanda joked, sitting down.

Maggie rolled her eyes, "Do you mean I only pay for the meal when I'm in a good mood? Are you serious? If you keep doing this, I won't pay for this."

Amanda chuckled. She took up the coffee and apologized, "I'm sorry. It's my fault. I'll make an apology to you."

"Wait, old fashioned girl, it's a cup of coffee. Are you taking it as a cup of wine and making your toast?" Maggie pretended that she couldn't stand this anymore and said this deliberately.

"Of course I know it's a cup of coffee. One is bitter and the other is spicy. Wine makes people drunk, but coffee can't make people drunk," she added.

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