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   Chapter 156 Childhood Crush

Count On Your Love By Tang Butian Characters: 6660

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"I will go to ask Josie why she took away Amanda's boyfriend. Is it great that she has money and power?" Maggie said.

"It has nothing to do with my cousin. She can't decide it on her own. Since both the Xia family and the Gu family are on the same page, they must have some business reasons. Marriage is not the only thing they want," said Henry.

Maggie said, "I don't believe that. I don't believe that Lionel would give up his love. So I'm going to ask Josie why Lionel agreed with the engagement."

"Don't go anywhere. I'll take you there," said Henry helplessly.

Maggie glanced at him and said, "Anyway, this has nothing to do with you. You don't have to worry about it."

He pinched her cheek and said with a smile, "Don't be mad. Let me send you there, otherwise my cousin won't see you."

Maggie followed him and sat in the front passenger seat with an unwilling face. She said with bravado, "I didn't force you to get involved in this. You came here by yourself."

Henry held Maggie's shoulders and kissed her on her lip. Maggie's eyes widened with chagrin, but her body responded to the kiss involuntarily. She blushed and pushed him away as soon as he got up. "Go get the car. It took us a long time."

When Henry and Maggie arrived at the Xia Group, Josie asked them to come in as she heard the news that they came here.

"Did you have a good time? Did you me a gift?" Josie said with a smile. She looked like a bright girl in a blue cheongsam with a diamond brooch on her chest. The wine red hair was tied into an elegant bun.

Looking at Maggie, Josie knew her intention. She ordered her secretary to bring coffee here and forbade others to disturb her. Then she sat on the sofa in the reception area and took a sip of coffee before saying, "Do you want to defend your good friend?"

Maggie calmed herself down when she heard this. She sat on the sofa in front of her and said, "I'm not here to fight against the injustice. I have no right and no reason

d, "What's wrong with you, Josie? Feelings are not reasonable at all. Amanda has never tried to seduce Lionel, so they naturally had feelings for each other. Maybe for people who are attracted by each other at the first sight, they love at the first sight. But for people who don't love each other, no matter how long they get along with each other is just companionship."

A sinister smile emerged on Josie's lips. "Maggie, are you feeling sorry for me? I'll be the lady of the Gu family soon, but Amanda is just a nobody. I don't need your sympathy," she said.

Maggie rolled her eyes and said, "I'm just being kind and reasonable for the time being, so that you won't have to do anything harmful to both others and yourself. What's more, it's not right for you to do like this. If you have the ability to compete with Amanda in love, why are you coming after her?"

"It's none of your business. I'm willing to take revenge on her. But it's hard to believe. Darren didn't fall in love with her by accident. But when she was involved in the rumor, he still stepped out. Are you sure she really loves Lionel? Mr. Darren is not an easy-going man. If he really likes Amanda, I have to say that Amanda is really a capable woman," Josie said flatly.

Maggie frowned and asked, "Why didn't I know when there were any rumors?"

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