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   Chapter 155 The Disagreement

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After a while, Maggie felt something wrong. She lowered her head and asked with concern, "Amanda, what's wrong with you? Are you wronged by someone? If you feel wronged, just tell me. I'm here."

"Maggie, I don't think it's a good joke," Amanda said in a low voice.

Amanda thought that she had no right to say anything more about it and she didn't want to cause any trouble to Maggie anymore. After all, Josie was a relative of the Zhao family.

Maggie thought her words were not convincing enough, so she said with a smile, "Don't worry. I won't tell anyone about this. I just say it when we are alone. I support you. Oh, ask him out. We can have lunch together. I have prepared many gifts for you."

"He will not come out. He has already left," Amanda replied as she shook her head.

"Has he left? What do you mean? Is he on a business trip?" Maggie was confused. "That's not coincidence. I'll keep all the gifts for you," she added.

"No, he's gone. He won't come back recently and in the future. But even if he does, we're just strangers. We broke up," she continued, taking a deep breath. She was very sad but still tried her best to keep calm.

"Break up? Are you kidding?" Maggie smiled wryly. A good man like Lionel loved Amanda so much that sometimes she even envied her. Why did such a good man break up with her? Neither of them was casually making fun of others' feelings.

Then Amanda took out a piece of newspaper which was locked in the drawer and handed it to Maggie. Maggie took it over and opened it curiously. She read the content that Lionel and Josie had gotten engaged. She couldn't control but shout, "What the hell?"

Seeing Maggie's reaction, Amanda smiled and said, "Calm down."

Maggie had never expected that Lionel had engaged just after she went out for a few days. It was fine that he was engaged. But his fiancée was Josie, who had forced Amanda to leave the An Group. She grabbed hold of Amanda's ha

the garden outside the hospital. It was quiet and there were few people.

Looking at the lake in front of him, Henry made up his mind and said, "I have already known about it, but I can't tell you."

"Why? Are you worried that I will spoil your cousin's happiness?" Maggie coldly asked.

"I don't worry that you will do something bad. I just think that we don't have to get involved in this matter," Henry replied.

"Not necessary to interfere?" Maggie repeated his words.

"Maggie, don't you think you've taken too much care of Amanda's issues? I don't object to your loyalty to help friends at this time. But Amanda should deal with these things by herself, unless she needs your help, I will not stop you two from communication. If she does not ask for help, I do not want you to interfere," he said.

"Do you want me to just stand by and watch my dear friend being bullied?" Maggie coldly said. "You're doing this for the sake of Josie. I'm Amanda's good friend, but she is nobody to you. So you don't care whether she's alive or dead, right?"

"Maggie, you misunderstood me. No matter who is the one engaged to Lionel, we don't have to get involved in this matter. Because it doesn't need us to take care of it. Tell me, what can you do after knowing this?" Henry said helplessly.

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