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   Chapter 154 I Can't Let You Compensate

Count On Your Love By Tang Butian Characters: 5987

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This was the most precious he could offer her. How could she tease his unspoken kindness.

In her eyes, he was unpardonable and guilty. So what he had done made her not favorable?

On hearing this, Amanda laughed.

Darren frowned. "Why are you laughing?"

The smile on her face was so ironic that even Darren could not ignore her disdain and mockery.

"What can I laugh at? Of course I laugh at myself. You are so busy every day that you don't have time to deal with a woman like me. Don't waste your time on me. You came here to revenge us because Lionel was with me and hurt your self-esteem. Don't say that you love me. You never care about love. " Amanda said while looking at the man with a poker face.

Revenge, just to maintain his dignity.

Darren was amused by her reaction. He couldn't believe his eyes. How could this woman see his feelings for her in this way?

She didn't accept everything, directly deny everything, and from the beginning, she believed that he was just taking revenge.

He turned out to be so mean and cold in her heart.

The feeling of shame consumed him. 'she just belittled my love. Is it necessary for her to insult me like this?

Who does she think she is? A man who only knows how to sleep with her? Did she even try to feel his true love? How could she satirize him with such an intense behavior?

"Amanda." The softness in his eyes vanished. He walked up to the young man and grabbed his chin, as if he had never been gentle. "Do you really think I won't do anything to you?" He said coldly.

"Why did you attack me? Didn't you want me? I'm right here. " She blinked and tears slowly fell down from her eyes.

Darren kept his cool for a while when he saw her tears. He didn't have the heart to upset her. Perhaps she

seemed that she had made great progress with Henry. She had noticed so many misfortunes to the people she cared about. Thank God, Maggie was still happy even though she was involved.

Maggie punched her in the face. "You are a bad student, Amanda." Then she pointed at the red mark on Amanda's neck and said, "You just said that. What's wrong with you? Tell me the truth."

The more she spoken, the more embarrassed she was. This seat was just at the back, so she didn't notice that she was exactly grabbed by her daughter. "What do you think it is? Do you believe the kiss from a bee?"

Maggie burst into laughter. She grabbed hold of the servant's hand and said, "God bless me! Tell me. Does that bee have a family name as well? Is it Lionel?"

She then realized that Maggie still didn't know what had happened to her. With this in mind, she felt relieved.

But only she knew that such a joke could not be made in the future, because that person was no longer her.

Seeing her keep lowering her head and don't say anything, Maggie took her as a shy girl. She sat on her desk, poked her waist and joked, "Don't be embarrassed. We have all experienced things. I won't laugh at you."

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