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   Chapter 151 Drive Off In Opposite Directions

Count On Your Love By Tang Butian Characters: 6447

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Tears welled up in Amanda's eyes and ran down her cheeks. Hearing what Lionel said, she felt sadder. They shouldn't have come to this. Was it because she was a trouble maker? Or was it because their relationship wasn't as strong as she thought.

"Amanda, don't cry. I have to say sorry to you. I don't think I have the right to say anything more to you. I just want you to know that no matter what happens, as long as you need help, you can tell me directly. Even if we can't be together, I will do what I should do," Lionel said in a low voice.

"What I need you to do? I don't need anything now. Lionel, thank you very much for helping me and taking care of me. But, I am not willing to accept this," Amanda said. She then cried and threw herself on the sofa. "I know I'm not free. I'm just a bargaining chip of the Cheng family. I shouldn't have hoped that one day we could break through all the obstacles, but why? Why did you give up first?" she added.

Why did he give up her first? Did he know how hard it was for her to get to this situation? Were all the happiness she had when she was with him fake? Was it all illusory? Was she self sentimental?

"Lionel, why? I don't believe that there were all misunderstandings in the past. I don't believe that you don't like me. Why are you leaving me behind and denying our love?" Amanda asked obstinately.

Lionel said from the other side of the phone, "Don't ask that again. It's meaningless to talk about it. Amanda, I'm leaving now. I don't know when I'll see you again. I've sent my personal assistant's phone number to your mailbox. I don't know when we will meet again."

"You are leaving? Where are you going?" Amanda asked quickly.

Standing in front of the glass window and looking out at the darkness outside, where the stars were flickering. Lionel saw a giant airplane, which was parking at the airport outside. It was ready, and as soon as the tim

as no voice from the other end of the phone. Amanda was such a precious treasure in his heart, but he couldn't protect her anymore. When he heard Amanda's sob, he was distressed and all his calmness went out of control.

He tried to comfort her, but failed. Amanda was still crying sadly. He blamed himself. He had promised to protect her, but he still disturbed her and made her sad in the end.

"Don't cry, Amanda. There's only ten minutes left. Let's have a good talk, okay? Let me remember your voice and your laughter. Don't let me always remember your sadness, okay? At least, be happier at this moment," he said.

Having heard what Lionel had said, Amanda wiped her tears and answered in a hoarse voice, "Okay. Where are you going again? I thought you would travel around the world a lot. Why did you take so long this time?"

"There is a new business I need to deal with there. It's from that company. I'll stay there for a while," he answered.

"How long will you stay? A year? Will your family agree with that?" Amanda asked. In the Gu family, Lionel was of great importance. And that was why his grandfather was so angry when he knew that Lionel was pursuing Amanda. But if Lionel left the family and started his own business, would the Gu family agree with him?

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